Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Watch and sing along with The Shape Song Swingalong

We first discovered Barefoot Books a few years ago, when Sasha's teachers mentioned how much Sasha enjoyed dancing to the musical CDs that come with the Barefoot Books publications. Since then we have acquired quite a collection of these superb editions, and now it is Eddie's turn to enjoy the music and books. I have signed in for reviewing the Barefoot books recently and kept my fngers crossed that we'd be selected to read and test the new publications. We were delighted to discover The Shape Song Singalong as our assigned task.

Like all Barefoot books that come with the CDs, it is a very bright cheerful edition, with a huge appeal to both mainstream kids and children with special needs. This book is illustrated by the talented David Sim. The illustrations are simple but imaginative. As you read the book, you learn about different shapes. The images remind me of the patchwork quilts. I can easily see them transferred into the fabric appliques.

Music is written and sung by Stevesongs. The song describes the creative process of drawing, using many shapes to assemble a whole world full of wonders: a beachside waterslide or a party in the park.

The tune is very catchy, my little man has been dancing to the music and repeating Line, line, Circle, circle...

The CD is actually a CD-ROM, so you can watch it on a PC. This singalong CD is a fab way to develop the listening and singing skills.

And it's not just shapes. Eddie was delighted to see all the animals, he was especially excited to find a big roaring lion. He kept saying "Yayon, yayon" (he hasn't mastered his Ls and Rs yet).
This book is a fab addition to our collection of Barefoot books.

And once you listened to it, I'd challenge you not to hum to yourself: Line, line, circle, circle...

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