Thursday, 25 November 2010

Friday, 19 November 2010

Everyone needs a Cuski (yet another sleepless night's creation)

Being a baby
No easy task.
One of life's comforts
Is my snuggly Cuski.
"Don't go away, Mum,
You don't need the loo"
"I'll be back in a minute!" -
And she leaves the room.
I'm feeling abandoned,
Thanks for asking.
My chin is quivering,
I'm chewing my Cuski.
My soothing comforter
I twisted and twirled.
With my soft Cuski
I'll brave the world.
Someone call Social Services,
She's been gone forever.
Don't let her use the loo.
She's back, my mother,
And she thinks she's funny
"Whatta brave little boy,
A courageous bunny".
For you it's three minutes,
For me an eternity,
Cuski and I -
Function as a fraternity.

Eddie has a selection of comforters, and he chomps on them with enthusiasm.
I think a comforter like Cuski is a great invention, it is soft, soothing and ever so comforting. Sometimes when I am feeling blue, I feel I need a Cuski too.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ode to a rocking chair

You embraced us both in your rocking rhythm,
You supported my aching back,
You heard me crying - and sympathised,
And lulled my baby to sleep.

My baby was fretful and cried in pain,
Waves of misery crashed through the night.
You saw my despair - and held us tight,
And rocked my baby to sleep.

You witnessed his first confident smile,
His gurgles and cheeky grins,
You saw my delight - and quietly sang,
And danced my baby to sleep.

Every time I sit in my nursing chair with Eddie in my arms, I feel like this has been the best purchase ever. It truly saved my sanity and my aching back for many nights of feeding, with a baby wailing because of colics. We rocked and we rocked and we rocked.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My cake recipe is in print

It all started over a year ago, if not longer than that, when the DK was running a competition to create a recipe using Fairtrade products. I have forgotten all about it, when some time in spring I got a letter from DK, saying that they decided not to publish the Fairtrade recipes book but would like to include my Honey cake recipe into a new Everyday easy Cakes & Cupcakes book and asked my permission to publish my recipe. Of course, I agreed. They sent me a fab food encyclopaedia as a Thank you, and finally my recipe was printed this October in a lovely book full of delicious cake recipes. Sadly my name is not mentioned but hey I am not that ambitious. I know I can cook like Nigella, when I have time (though lately after giving birth to our baby Eddie I discovered a world of ready-made meals, LOL).
I am very happy with a layout and the photo. :)

Friday, 5 November 2010

I think we might be teething

Eddie's been drooling quite a bit recently and tries to chew anything at hand. A comforter, a soft toy, a Nuby ring or his own vest...

Breastfeeding Mum's best friend

After breastfeeding my firstborn for over 2 years, I considered myself a b/f professional, an ace of nursing. But as I was recuperating in the hospital after my c-section, breastfeeding Eddie wasn't an easy sailing. Though he immediately latched as soon as they put him to my breast and was suckling for over an hour, and I thought he was very clever to do that, I didn't really produce any milk at that point. After a couple of days he was getting pretty hungry, and the pediatrics matron insisted that I give my child formula and top up every time I breastfeed him with the formula. I was quite upset about it all but also didn't want to keep my big boy hungry. When we came back home, I was searching the Lactivist website for the tips on how to improve the milk flow and came across a link to get some free samples of the Holle nursing tea. The samples arrived very quickly, and I was worried at first that I wouldn't like it, as tea has aniseed and I am not very keen on it. However, I was pleasantly surprised that aniseed didn't overpower the other flavours, and the balance of aniseed, fennel, caraway seed and lemon balm was perfect. I ordered a few packs of nursing tea, and I noticed the difference in a few days. The milk flow became more established and consistent, and my baby ditched the top up formula. And that's my story about the nursing tea. :)
And here is a link to free samples if anyone wants to try.