Sunday, 27 March 2011

Moo-vellous shoes (Cow shoes from Baba+Boo/review)

As it happened, cow shoes from Baba+Boo are my baby's first shoes. He only recently started cruising along his crib, and practises his walking technique every waking moment. These soft sole leather shoes are made to mimic bare feet, and are perfect for small feet that are not yet used to walking.

Eddie was much taken with his new shoes, he looked at them, he touched them, he even bent down to taste them.

They look and feel soft and snug.
A beautiful funky design and a fab presentation, as the shoes arrive in a cute little bag.
Doesn't Eddie look stylish in his new shoes?

Friday, 25 March 2011

Does my Edichka look like me?

People are forever commenting on Eddie that he looks just like me, but I cannot see it at all. I have a very sharp long nose, his is a tiny potato. His eyebrows are in a typical Daddy's fashion. His eyes are wide set, mine are close set. Yes, at the moment we both have grey blue eyes, but that's the only similarity I can find.
He is 100 times prettier and cuter, and he looks like himself.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Ewan the Dream Sheep from Easidream (review)

On the cuteness alone Ewan the sheep scores 10 out of 10. It is a lovely toy suitable for babies from birth +. It plays 4 soothing sounds which according to the blurb on the box are "proven to help your baby to sleep".
As Eddie didn't read the blurb, he doesn't know he is supposed to fall asleep. He likes the toy and enjoys the melody, but does it make him fall asleep? No, unfortunately in our case it doesn't. So in theory it is a great idea, but in practice it is not so effective.
Ewan plays heartbeat & womb sound combinations, which remind me of the baby monitor that I had on in the hospital on the day my son was born. In fact, the sound is very reassuring, and I personally find it very peaceful and calming. If anything, I myself find it sleep-inducing, but not my child.
Maybe it works better with newborn babies who still remember vividly what it was like inside their Mummy. I don't want to score it low because it didn't work for my child, but at £29.99 it is quite pricey, especially if you only use it as a cuddly toy.
Earlier today I asked my husband to look after Eddie while I was going to have a quick bath. I could hear my little one howling all the time. When I asked my husband, why Eddie was upset and why didn't he do anything to entertain him, he replied that he had Ewan the sheep playing music all the time and said that he almost fell asleep himself, while Eddie kept hollering because I was out of sight.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Spot Eddie among his teddies

Eddie likes the tags on teddies the most, bless him. He thinks tags are the best part. He has the same obsession with wrapping paper and boxes. Give him a plastic bottle or a small box any time to play with rather than real toys. What a funny boy.

Thinking of Japan

From a collection of animated films "Lullabies of the world/Japanese Lullaby"
A haunting melody.
The story behind the animation is a myth about the love between The Spinning Maiden or Weaving girl and Oxherder - constellation of Lyra and Aquila.
On July 7, the Weaving Girl star (Vega) and the Oxherder star (Altair) meet across the Silver River (the Milky Way). They are allowed to meet only once a year.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Eleven long years have passed since my Dad died, and I miss him so much. He would have loved his grandchildren, and I know they would have loved him.
In this photo Dad is a young boy, looking very cheeky. This photo always makes me smile.

That's me with Papa. I was 3 years old then, and looked like a boy.

That's another black and white photo, of Papa with my little brother Stepan.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

I love you right up to the moon and back

Guess how much I love you is one of my favourite stories. I am not ashamed to say that almost every time I read the end of this story to Sasha, my voice slightly trembles, as I find it so touching. The Book Depository runs a competition called All you've got to do is do a doodle. They ask you to print off a colouring sheet and create your own version of a doodle. The little brown nut hare in the corner is spreading his arms for you to be creative. I knew I had half an hour at the most to do something before Eddie gets seriously upset in his crib, so it is a very quick effort. I haven't done any drawing or painting for almost a year, so my hands felt clumsy with the watercolour pencils. I used Sasha and Eddie's photo as my inspiration. Added a big hare, and thought I would combine two images by Eddie catching hare's ears.
It is not the best drawing I ever made, but at least something a bit more creative than wiping baby's bum and reading Elmer stories in a silly voice.

If you go to anc click on the flikr gallery, there are some lovely doodles there.
In a typical fashion, my link doesn't want to be a clickable link.

МКПН: клип на песню «Море»

Sasha's favourite song at the moment

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sharing a laugh

My beautiful boys enjoying a rare moment of togetherness, with Sasha giggling and Eddie cackling.