Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A jolly gnome goes swimming (Morrck Splasha review)

The first time we tried Morrck Splasha on Eddie, it reminded me of an old song from a cartoon from my childhood "Where is a jolly gnome going? The jolly gnome is off to swim"
This adorable beach wrap was our prize from The Baby Website, when Eddie was chosen a baby of the month. Luckily it arrived just before our trip to Cornwall, where we spent a week by the sea. I guess I was over-optimistic about the weather, and packed all our swimming gear. Needless to say, it was quite cold, and I never had a chance to wear my swimming suit. My boys braved the elements though, and Sasha in particular jumped in the sea, as if he were somewhere hot and tropical. Eddie was bewildered by the vast expanse of the water, as it was his first trip to the sea ever. He touched the sand and absorbed the sound of the rolling waves and the shrill screams of the seagulls. The soft Morrck was wrapped around him. He looked cute and cuddly.
What a lovely invention, this towelling wrap, it is incredibly soft and cosy. Eddie loved wearing it, and since we returned home, we use it after the bath. The poppas on the shoulder keep it wrapped around the body without restricting the freedom of movement, which for our little tornado is of paramount importance, as he doesn't sit still when he is awake.
Splasha comes in two colourful designs: pink spots and blue stripes. The stripes are bright and bold. You can get it from Morrck:

Sleeping beauty Eddie, wrapped in Splasha and with his favourite blanket.

Observing the kingdom