Thursday, 24 February 2011


My little guy said "Ma" the other day. Now he started to call me "Memm". He also says Dada a lot, but we can't pretend he is asking for his Dad, as we use the word Papa not Daddy. :)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Will you keep your blue eyes?

I wonder if your eyes will stay grey blue like mine, Eddie, or will they change and become hazel brown like your Dad and brother's.

Teething with Nuby

Now that Eddie sprouted two bottom front teeth, he wants to try them on anything and everything. He is very proud of his teeth and loves playing with teething toys.
I was delighted when Nuby sent us some lovely toys to test. When I unpacked the big envelope, Eddie immediately grabbed a Wiggle Worm teether.

1. Teether Tugz Toy Elephant and Wiggle Worm Teether

My own personal favourite toy is a Teether Tugz Elephant (am I allowed to have a favourite?!). It has an extra-cuteness factor. Big ears are good for munching and chewing, as each ear has a little teething pad with textures that give comfort for sore gums. This toy is also available in two other varieties - a butterfly and a rabbit. We have a butterfly, this was the first Nuby toy I bought for Eddie, and it has been chewed and dribbled on so many times that it might be called a teething war veteran. You can wipe it after each use.

Eddie loves his Wiggle Worm Teether. It is very cute and has multiple textured surfaces. Little nubs massage baby's gums, and it is very handy to hold. All the rings twist and turn and offer different nubs.

2. Flip Flop Teether Book and Icy Bite Teether

Flip Flop Teether book is an interactive book, very bright annd colourful, as you can see. The flaps offer different textures and make crinkle-crinkle sounds, which amuse baby and stimulate his senses. I remember reading a review of the Flip Flap book on one of Mummy blogs, where the reviewer was slightly critical of the poetic side of the book. Well, yes, it is not Shakespeare, but it is age-appropriate, and I don't think my 7-months-old Eddie would appreciate the finer points of stanza or meter. He is happy with rhymes that accompany bright images.

Icy Bite Teether is another innovative toy. Three keys come in different colours and are dual surfaced. Teething Nubs massage and stimulate baby's gums. When your baby's gums are particularly sore, you might try putting the keys in the fridge for cooling (obviously away from any food to prevent contamination). Then a cooled set of keys works as a soother. They don't stay cold for long though. Icy Bite Teether contains nontoxic purICE Gel, which helps the toy to stay colder longer than water filled soothers.

3. Eddie plays with his Nuby toys

4. A happy boy

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads (review)

Instead of leaking and crying "Oh,
drat!", go and get some Lansinoh
Nursing pads that are leak-proofed -
Your milking days will be improved.

As a big fan of the Lactivist site, I was pleased to read that Lansinoh were looking for breastfeeding Mums who would like to apply to test nursing pads.
Quote from the official Lansinoh blurb:
"Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads have an ultra-thin but super-absorbent contour for a natural fit that won't show under clothing."
All true, though it slightly enhances your bosom in a nice way, which might be a bonus for many, unless you are Katie Price and don't need any more enhancement.
"The soft, stay-dry lining draws milk away from the skin and into the core of the pad where it is absorbed by a special polymer to prevent leakage."
I was very impressed with the quality of the pads. The level of absorbency is excellent. No complaints at all, a superior pad.
I have been using other brands of nursing pads in the past, and I must say Lansinoh stays put in the bra, unlike the other brands which tend to fall out every time I open the bra to feed my baby. Each pad comes with two non-slip adhesive tapes that hold a pad in place all day if necessary. Even during a longer trip, when the pad might get wet, it still keeps its shape.
Each pad comes wrapped individually for hygienic purposes, again this is different from some other brands where all the pads are stashed in a box in a mish mash confused manner. For the same reason they are very convenient to carry in your bag.
And if your bag is like mine, reminding a bit of Mary Poppins's bag which contained all sorts of things, then you might be reassured that the wrapped pad will stay clean.
Each box contains sixty pads.

All in all 10 out of 10 for this product. I am a convert.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-shooting Tips and Advice on First-year Maintenance by Louis and Joe Borgenicht (review)

This book was written by two men and is catering for blokes or Top Gear fans of both genders. It might be "male-friendly" but it is quite immature in its approach. If the supposedly humourous style was confined just to the Introduction, it might have even been funny. As it goes on through the book until the last page, the joke gets stale and yawn-inducingly boring. Parents are referred to as users and owners, baby - a model. This "joke" is repeated on every page. I am not easily offended but when I read instructions "Check your model carefully. If any parts are missing, notify your service provider immediately", I want to scream. Meaning what exactly? That if your child is disabled, you return him to the hospital? And swap for a perfect model, like buying a TV? The same pathetic joke is repeated as "warning signs" describing baby's developmental milestones. It is obviously written by people who don't have a personal experience of having a child with developmental delays, otherwise, they might have been more careful and sensitive on the subject.
More examples of jokes: "These characteristics (i.e. babies not sleeping well) are not defects of the manufacturer, and they can be overcome with proper maintenance" (page 112) Are you laughing? A reference to a pacifier on page 56 claims "Plug one into your model to activate silent mode" Isn't it just hysterical?!

Have a look at the images. "Massaging the baby" has two pictures of a baby peeing and passing gas, both have "Caution" sign next to them. Are you rolling yet with laughter? No. I thought so.
Even if the basic advice on care and safety is correct, the gadget approach made me feel very annoyed. Wouldn't advise this book to anyone who wants a proper guide on baby's development.
P.S. An original review first appeared on The Baby Website who kindly provided me with a free copy to review. This is a slightly extended version, with images added.
P.P.S. My friend Penny suggested using the phrase "... in the World" in my review since I mentioned the Top Gear above, so here is my conclusion: this is the most ridiculous baby book in the world. :)

Valentine's cake

With hardly any spare minute the only arty-crafty thing I can do is a bit of cooking. This chocolate fudge cake was baked and decorated for the Valentine's food comp on Natoora.
When my husband saw it, I said: Don't get any ideas, Professor, it's not that I am that enamoured of you, lol, it's for a competition.
A pity they picked some strange looking concoction of chocolate mousse with lavender. Lavender is an acquired taste. I bought a box of lavender Earl Grey a couple of years ago, had one cup, and two years later the box with posh muslin bags is still collecting dust in the kitchen. Can't throw it, and can't drink either, and nobody wanted it.
My icing writing might have been wobbly thanks to help from Eddie who was sitting in a high chair next to me and tried to grab my hands and icing pens, but the cake tasted good.

My brother, my hero

Eddie worships the ground under Sasha's feet. He looks at him with such admiration. When Sasha flaps his arms and bounces and shrieks, Eddie thinks it is done purely for his entertainment, and laughs delighted. For him what Sasha does is prefectly normal.

Monday, 7 February 2011

If you have a baby barracuda... get a Nuby teether

Eddie has been teething big time last week, and has sprouted two teeth in a matter of four days. Which means, my baby barracuda was moody, capricous and cranky, bless his little cotton socks. He is constantly chewing and biting whatever happens to be next to him: clothes, a pack of baby wipes, Mummy's hands.
I am terribly cute,
From my toes to my dimples,
But when I am teething,
Life is not Simples.
To any sore-gummed
Baby crocodile,
I say: get a Nuby
And bite in style.

I have bought a selection of Nuby teethers for Eddie, as I wasn't sure which ones he would fancy the most.
He is very fond of Nuby Bug Beads Necklace, it is very colourful, bright, has beads of different sizes and textures, and is very tactile. I guess if you have sore gums, it is a pure pleasure to chomp on those beads to relieve the itch.
Softees Silicon Teether is another favourite. It is a perfect size for a little mouth, not too big and not too small. It is BPA-free and is very easy to clean.
Softees Super Soft Rattle Teether (Pictured on the photo with Eddie holding it) is another genius idea. It also has different textures on offer, BPA free, plus has a tiny cute rattle inside, so has an element of entertainment.
All these teethers are easy to hold and definitely work.
So, if you have a baby barracuda or baby crocodile in the house, Nuby is the answer. Your baby will thank you.