Monday, 12 November 2012

A lovely cuppa tea with Tea India

Tea, one of life's simple pleasures, a democratic drink equally enjoyed in the humble houses and rich mansions. I love tea and I'm always happy to discover new brands and flavours. A range of teas called Tea India has just hit the shops in the UK.
What are my first impressions?
I love the design of the boxes: teardrop-shaped paisleys form an inviting image of a teapot. The colours and designs bring to mind elaborate cashmere wool shawls from India.
Tea India Black tea is a "unique blend of the finest teas with a deliciously rich, smooth flavour". I was impressed to find out that Tea India is an expert with 70 years of tea blending history.

Tea India shares its secrets: "Our master blender grew up in Assam on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river, where we source the majority of our teas. Combining his expert knowledge with a passion for Indian tea, he’s now on a mission to make sure everyone can enjoy a superior cup of tea everyday."

It is your choice entirely whether to have your cup of tea black or white, sweet or no sugar at all, but whatever your choice, you are going to enjoy a refreshing flavourful cup of rich Assam.

I got addicted to chai many years ago, when we lived in New Haven, CT. I was a Mum with a newborn, and recovering after a dramatic delivery, didn't dare to venture far from home. Thankfully we had a lovely little cafe nearby, just a block away from where we lived. I used to go there every morning, with baby Sasha in his pushchair. My daily mug of chai latte and a little chit-chat with the lady who owned the cafe made me feel less lonely. The owner's daughter had twins at about the same time as I had Sasha, and she was very friendly and welcoming. So, in my mind a mug of chai is forever associated with feeling welcomed.
How comforting is a cup of hot steaming chai on a cold and wet day. Don't know what it is exactly, whether it's the combination of spices that warm the cockles of your heart, or the creaminess of the chai latte that make you feel cozy, as if enwrapped in a warm rug.
Tea India Cardamom Chai has a very distinctive cardamom flavour. It is best served with a little bit of sugar or honey and milk, which beautifully complement the cardamom. The tea base for this tea is black tea of high quality. The overall combination of flavours is well-rounded, balanced and warm. A very enjoyable cuppa.
"Combining unique flavors, local tastes, and family traditions, chai transcends beyond tea. Rather, it is a tradition – an experience – and a testament to India's vast cultural plurality".

Douglas Adams used to say: "A cup of tea would restore my normality", and I couldn't agree more.

Treat yourself, discover the taste of India!

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