Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Gingerbread men Christmas tree decorations

"Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me. I'm a gingerbread man."

I am slowly starting to get back into crafting, albeit by mini-steps. I wanted to make some Christmas decorations and knew that FIMO would be just the right material for my mini gingerbread men.

FIMO Christmas decorations, Chez Maximka

If you'd like to follow my example, you will need

1 cookie cutter from Lakeland (mini gingerbread man which costs just above £1)
1 pack of metallic FIMO
1 pack of flesh FIMO
rolling pin
acrylic paints

making your own christmas decorations, Chez Maximka

Take a pack of terracotta metallic FIMO and roll it with a pin on a clean surface. You might want to use the foil so that your table stays clean. It has to be about 3mm thickness. Cut the mini men.
Make the loops from the wire and insert the ends into the top of your mini men.
If using a light coloured FIMO, roll little balls and sausages and put them on the mini men. Slightly press them down.
Bake the FIMO at 110C for half an hour. That's what the gingerbread men look like after baking. Let them cool completely before decorating.

making your own Christmas decorations, Chez Maximka, easy Christmas crafts projects

Using a selection of the acrylic paints decorate your mini men.The actual wire loops are on the small side, so I will be using a thread to put them on the tree. As the gingerbread men are small, I didn't want to attach the big loops to them.

Pleased with my mini men, I showed them to Eddie who looked at them and said: Monkeys.
And that's the verdict of my harsh critic.

making your own Christmas decorations, Chez Maximka, how to make easy Christmas tree decorations with FIMO


  1. Those are fab! Rushes off to get gingerbread man cookie cutter (after my last attempt I need some)

  2. I adore these! I especially love the painted parts!

  3. These are really cute and will last a lot longer than the edible variety too :)

  4. These are brilliant. I am SO impressed and a bit jealous x