Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bathtime fun and safety with Anti-slip bath safety circles

Perhaps you have well-behaved tots who decorously sit and don't move when you tell them to sit still. Alas, that's not our case. Our bathtime tends to turn into the splashing-around session with Eddie laughing his socks off when I get splashed. He also moves a lot in the bath, playing with his toys. For active kids like my son there is a good quality safety product called Anti-Slip bath safety circles.

What are they? Essentialy they are quality anti-slip bath invention which is created to reduce the risk of slipping in the bath or shower.

What do they look like? They are rather discreet white self-adhesive circles (3.5cm in diameter). The top surface is textured. You stick them directly onto the bath floor.

They are very easy to apply and as easy to keep clean.

I like the idea that they are white. I have seen similar products on the market, the coloured bath dots, but if you don't want your bath to look like Mr Tumble's spotty bag, then this product offers a discreet safety and protection for your children.

I have been thinking of getting a bath mat for Eddie but hesitated as I read they tend to attract mould. While my Mum kept urging me on the phone to buy a bath mat for Eddie asap, I have seen a tweet, asking bloggers to try this product. That was a good timing.

Eddie can now move in the bath with ease without slipping.

The packet contains 28 white circles and a fitting template to give you an idea in which pattern to put the dots around the bath.

This product is recommended not just for young kids, but for the older people and the disabled.

After a couple of weeks of using, I can say that the dots stay put in the bath, they are easy to clean and make our bathtime safer.

Will I recommend this product to the other parents? Yes, absolutely.

You can find more information about this product at their website.

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