Tuesday, 6 November 2012

CBeebies The Album (review & giveaway c/d 21 November 2012)

I have never realised just how many CBeebies songs and tunes I know until we listened to a newly released CD "CBeebies The Album" (and if you are a fan of CBeebies, today, 5th of November 2012, is the day when you can get your own album).   

Every time I hear the familiar words:
"It doesn't matter if you're tiny or tall,
It doesn't matter if you're BIG or SMALL.
If you wanna have fun, it doesn't matter at all.",
I feel like wiggling my bum and having a little step dance, as the tune is so jolly and catching.

I also like to sing along to "Meet the Veggies", though Eddie tries to stop me, saying "Don't want it", when I ask him what he didn't want, he replies "Mama singing". I appreciate that I am not the X-factor or Britain's Got Talent Material, but I can't be that bad, can I? Talk about knocking my confidence.

Sasha's gone through the stage when he spent a lot of time on the CBeebies website, watching the familiar episodes, playing games and listening to the same tunes. I remember he was driving me crazy, playing "Special delivery service" from Postman Pat or "Big Barn Farm" tune over and over again. They are lovely songs, but if you have to listen to them several dozen times a day, then you start to wish you were elsewhere.

The new CBeebies album is a medley of old favourites and new discoveries. Some tunes are old friends, some are mere acquintances. Some you love, some you love to hate.

This album is prefect for the CBeebies audience. Eddie, for example, loves the Yacki Song from Baby Jake (I confess to be on the point of screaming every time I hear it, but that's not the point, I am not the intended audience for this masterpiece).

This 2-disc CD features 50 tracks:
1.Rastamouse –Hot Hot Hot

2.Abadas –Medley (Abadas Song / Let’s Play / I Found The Word / Goodbye Song)

3.The Lingo Show –Theme Tune

4.Show Me Show Me –Momo’s Song

5.Mike The Knight –Huzzah For Glendragon

6.Raa Raa The Noisy Lion –Theme Tune

7.64 Zoo Lane –Theme Tune

8.Charlie & Lola –Bestest In The Barn

9.Postman Pat –Special Delivery Service Theme

10.Num Tums –Theme Tune

11.Zingzillas –Do You Didgeridoo

12.Guess with Jess –Theme Tune

13.Tinga Tinga Tales –Theme Tune

14.Balamory –Theme Tune

15.Mr Bloom's Nursery –The Finale Song

16.Big Barn Farm –Theme Tune

17.Mister Maker –I’m A Shape

18.Waybuloo –Time For Yogo

19.3rd And Bird –Theme Tune

20.Nina and the Neurons -Go Engineering Song

21.CBeebiesPresenters –It’s The Weekend

22.CBeebiesPresenters –The Discovery Song

23.CBeebiesPresenters –Lunchtime Song

24.CBeebiesPresenters –The Birthday Song

25.CBeebiesPresenters –The Time Has Come to Say Goodnight (2012 Version)

1.Justin's House –Theme Tune

2.Baby Jake –The Yacki Song

3.Iconicles –Theme Tune

4.Rastamouse –Give It Up For Da Easy Crew

5.Abadas–My Name Is…

6.Mike The Knight –Theme Tune

7.Mr Bloom’s Nursery –Meet The Veggies

8.Gigglebiz –Theme Tune

9.In the Night Garden… –Theme Tune

10.Big And Small –Theme Tune

11.Timmy Time -Theme Tune

12.Everything's Rosie -Theme Tune

13.Woolly & Tig –Theme Tune (I Love Woolly)

14.Andy's Wild Adventures –Theme Tune

15.Grandpa In My Pocket –Boom A Boom Whoop Zing Zoo

16.Tweenies –Theme Tune (Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play?)

17.Alphablocks –Theme Tune

18.Cloud Babies –Theme Tune

19.Tree Fu Tom –Theme Tune

20.Something Special –Theme Tune (Hello Song)

21.CBeebiesPresenters –Summer Song 22. CBeebiesPresenters –Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon

23.CBeebiesPresenters –Winter Song

24.CBeebiesPresenters –The Big Fun Time Song

25.CBeebiesPresenters –Christmas Song

And if you know a little person who might enjoy listening to his favourite songs, this CD is available nationwide and through online music retailers for £7.99.

You could also try your luck and win this newly released album, it would make a perfect Christmas stocking filler for a little CBeebies fan.

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  1. cloud babies theme and also the get well soon theme which is not on the cd, and all the presenters seasons songs

  2. Andy's Wild Adventures –Theme Tune

  3. Justin's House – Theme Tune :)

  4. My daughter love the Tweenies theme tune

  5. The Balamory Theme tune - it's awesome for little ones

  6. I like Meet the Veggies, having asked my daughter - she says 'Charlie Bear'??

  7. The lunch time song

    Tiffany Oconnell


  8. Our is 64 Zoo Lane, We love singing along :)

  9. my son loves the theme tune to mike the knight

  10. My daughter loves the Yacki Song from Baby Jake, infact she is singing it as I type!! Lol ♥

  11. meet the veggies from mr bloom's nursery.

  12. We like the Postman Pat's story and song...

  13. my daughter loves the mr Tumble theme tune and my son loves the Mike the Knight tune

  14. My son loves the theme tune to 24 Zoo Lane, & the 'LunchTime song - what's on your plate?'.

  15. The theme to In a Night Garden my granddaughter sings it with me all the time

  16. My son sings the Postman Pat theme over and over :) (I get those flipping shapes from Mister Maker stuck in my head!)

  17. I like meet the veggies because I love Mr Bloom:) Luckily so does my daughter:-D

  18. My little grandson loves Balamory and sings the theme tune constantly.

  19. Catherine McAlinden18 November 2012 at 14:12

    I love the Abadas song, my little girl loves the Rosie song, and my little boy loves the Something Special song

  20. We love Get Well Soon

  21. RaRa The Noisy Lion :)

  22. christina Michael19 November 2012 at 19:33

    Mike the Knight theme tune

  23. My son LOVES Tree Fu Tom.

  24. My kids love the Mr Maker theme tune

  25. He loves them all but at the moment his fave is Tree Fu Tom, he also knows the dance moves which is very cute for a just 3 year old :) x

  26. Justin's house theme tune

    greig spencer


  27. My daughter loves singing and knows the songs to all of the programmes on cbeebies but she particularly likes the baby jake yacki yacki song!

  28. Got to be Abadas.. My name is. Such a catchy tune

  29. Justins House - although it tends to stick in my head and I find myself singing it around the supermarket!

  30. The whole family love '64 zoo lane'

  31. She's really loving the autumn song at the moment it sends her into a trance but she loves all the songs the cbeebies presenters sing.

  32. My son loves Waybuloo –Time For Yogo

  33. Lol, mine is Charlie and Lola's Bestest in the Barn! Altogether now... 'We've got a chicken, he lives on our farm!'... Oh, just me then?

  34. In the Night Garden… –Theme Tune my son loves to dance to it :)