Monday, 5 November 2012

New flavours from Rachel's Organic (review)

For a short time only: catch it while you can - a new limited edition is introduced by the inimitable Rachel's Organic - Apple & Cinnamon. These two flavours are the heralds of the autumnal cuisine which sings paeans to the joys of the hot baked apples sprinkled with the cinnamon. And now you have a chance to enjoy them as a new yogurt.
The ingredients include:
Organic yogurt, organic sugar, organic cream (5.4%), organic apple (5%), organic dark brown sugar, organic raisins, organic rice starch, natural flavouring, organic cinnamon.

All the flavours are balanced and complement each other. After trying just one spoonful, I was telling my guys: "There are pieces of apple that I can taste, and look, there are raisins too."

Weekends are for leisurely breakfasts, and each time I make pancakes for my family.
I was curious to try to add the new yogurt to the batter and see if it works. Yes, it does work very well. I have used this recipe, but instead of the plain yogurt I have added Rachel's Organic Apple & Cinnamon. The pancakes themselves became flavoured. Plus I stewed a few slices of apple with the sugar and topped my pancakes with the apples and more Rachel's yogurt. My guys polished the plates.

As Rachel's Organic were very generous, sending us 12 tubs of yogurt, I wanted to share my bounty with friends. Everyone who tasted the new limited edition commented on how much they loved it, and also expressed their wish that this limited edition would join the staple range of Rachel's yogurts, as it is too nice to be available only for a short period of time.

I love Greek style yogurts and was pleased to see several tubs of Rachel's Organic Greek Style Coconut yogurt in my parcel. It is utterly lush, very creamy and has a pronounced taste of coconut. It is not too sweet (unlike some other brands which produce coconut-flavoured yogurts). It is light, refreshing and lovely both on its own for breakfast (sprinkle a small amount of granola for a more substantial brekkie) or added to the apple crumble, pancakes or cakes. You can actually taste the grated coconut, the texture of the yogurt is quite thick, it is not a runny smooth variety of yogurts.

It tastes quite decadent, while in fact it is rather saintly as it includes the gut-friendly bacteria. "Made simply and with care using only the finest organic ingredients so that it tastes gorgeously pure our Greek style bio-live yogurt with coconut contains the health-giving probiotic cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacterium to help improve and maintain a healthy digestive system".

I have baked a yogurt cake with the Greek style coconut yogurt, and this cake didn't last more than a day, we all loved it so much. If you'd like to see the recipe, please read my post here.

To find more about Rachel's Organic range please visit their website.
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