Friday, 16 November 2012

Peppa Pig Theme Park app (review)

If you have little people in the house, there is no escape from Peppa Pig. Eddie loves her, and I bet he thinks she is as real as his family. Peppa Pig's Sports Day app was a huge hit with Eddie, he is still enjoying it a couple of months later. No surprise he was thrilled with a new Peppa Pig Theme Park app, which is playable on iPad (as well as iPhone & iPod touch) and features all his favourite characters plus all the familiar jolly music and funky sound effects from the TV show. Try not to smile when Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig snort loudly, utterly hilarious.
PEPPA PIG THEME PARK is a must-have addition to any Peppa's fan's collection of apps.

Peppa Pig’s brand new app – THEME PARK – will keep young Peppa fans entertained for hours as it includes 10 games and activities. Climb aboard the train with Peppa or ride in a bumper car, enjoy the music activities with the magic water fountains and make some delicious candy floss.

You have a choice of ten games.

1.RIDE ON THE TRAIN AROUND THE THEME PARK: take the passengers to the next station, you decide whether to go slowly or move really fast.

2.MAKE MUSIC WITH THE MAGIC WATER FOUNTAINS: touch the notes to play the tune, create your own music on a mini-piano. We love this game.

3.WATER CANNON GAME: help Peppa to hit the target with the water cannon, you won't be able to stop giggling when you fill up the balloons and make them go pop.

4.RIDE ON THE BUMPER CARS steer the cars to bump into each other.

5.HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE: the basket must touch the balloons to collect them. We were in stitches trying to pick up the balloons and not getting them all.

6.TEA CUP RIDE: turn the wheel and move the teacups faster.

7.REMOTE CONTROL CARS: steer the cars round the course and watch out for those hazards and obstacles.

8.CANDY FLOSS STALL: Peppa and George both have a sweet tooth, help them make the candy floss, move your finger around the bowl but don't stir too much or the candy floss will be too big.

9.THEME PARK SHOP: after you played the games and got your tokens, visit the shop to buy the fun stickers.

10.INTERACTIVE STICKER BOOK: you can buy the stickers in the virtual Theme shop. This activity is one of Eddie's favourites. He loves pulling the little characters down onto the screen and making them smaller or bigger in turns.

What did we think of the app? It's a fun entertaining app for pre-schoolers with lots of games and activities, perfect for a grey day when the outdoors is not exactly welcoming due to the constant drizzle.

Eddie's playing with a new app, please excuse the strawberry jam on his face.

For more information about the app, visit the itunes shop.

P.S. We received a code for a free game for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine (and Eddie's, of course).


  1. ooh Galina, my grandson is also obsessed with Peppa and I have the Sports Day app on my Ipad for him, must get this one too. Thanks for the review.

  2. My daughter loves Peppa Pig. This app is one of her favourites because it reminds her of Peppa Pig World, which was a fun day out! Have you played the Party Time app? That one's fantastic too - we love the game where you make a cake!