Monday, 26 November 2012

Create your own gift tags with VELCRO

Blogging challenges are always fun, and keep one's grey cells from a sleepy stupor. I was quite thrilled to hear about another challenge for bloggers, this time organised by VELCRO. I received a hamper of VELCRO® products to participate in the VELCRO® #101uses challenge.

Apart from the obvious use like tidying the cables with the reusable ties, I thought the range of Velcro will be perfect for any crafter's stash.
You can make any gift tags with the Velcro super slim stick ons.

To create the  Christmas reindeer tag you will need
a piece of stiff upholstery fabric
Tulip 3d paints (Bronze/Metallics & Diamond/Glitter)
a card tag
1 VELCRO super slim stick on

If you are looking for free materials for crafting, go to your nearest furniture store and ask if they have discontinued fabric samples books. They come in different sizes and types of fabric. Any soft velvets or woolen fabrics won't be good for painting, you will need quite smooth surfaces like cotton or viscosa, linen or silk.

Cut out the desired size tag from the fabric.
Using the 3d paints, draw a reindeer or any other simple design like a snowflake, or a Christmas bauble. Let the paint dry completely, it will take at least an hour, to speed up the drying process, you might put your tags on the radiator (painted side up).
Once dry, attach the Velcro stick on to the cardboard tag.

Tulip 3d paints are versatile, and are not difficult to use, you need a steady hand and a bit of patience.
I found a lovely online shop where you can buy a selection of Tulip paints - CraftMerrily Arts & Crafts. Even a child can do this basic design: this snowflake was painted with Tulip Bronze/Metallics and Diamond/Glitter.

This Christmas bauble gift tag was done with Tulip Glitter paints in Ruby and Champage and Bronze/Metallics. Glitter paints take a bit longer to dry, as the lines are thicker. Once the bauble is dry, cut the tag out around the design, and attach with Velcro to any gift package.

If you are still not confident to paint free-hand, then stamp an image you like on the smooth fabric (I used the Stazon inkpad) and add the highlights with the Tulip 3d paint.

Fot this project I have done some basic designs, but you can do much more complicated and intricate ones, if you have confidence and patience.

To show what you can do with 3d paints, I invite you to have a look at the old blog of mine. This traditonally built mermaid was painted with 3d Pebeo paints (another brand which produces these paints).
That's my first tip for the challenge. You will find me posting more ideas, and I am open to all your suggestions on how to use VELCRO products.


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