Friday, 23 November 2012

Nutz about Mad Mutz and Chitter Chatter

Mad Mutz are a perfect company for any mischievous tot. Eddie loves dogs, and started playing with this puppy, as soon as I have opened the parcel for him and removed the packaging. As we're at the stage when I try to instil some manners in my child, Eddie finds it absolutely hilarious that the Mad Mutz creature can do lots of things that cannot be called good manners: it barks, burps, scratches, farts and snores.

There are three different puppies in the group and each one has a realistic leg movement that shows off their urge to scratch. They are very cute and are full of beans (RRP £15).

That's Eddie making funny faces. I think he and the puppy can understand each other very well, they both are always ready for mischief.

Rolling on the floor like a puppy? Now who's teaching whom, I wonder?

If your kids are in love with the Talking Tom and Ben apps, they will appreciate the Chitter Chatters toys. The Chitter Chatters are amusing chatterboxes who repeat everything you say. Each animal has its own special voice, and you can choose who to talk to: a mouse, a penguin, a monkey or a meerkat (RRP £10).

Eddie was in stitches when the mouse kept saying silly things after him. So, now instead of one non-stop-talking chatterbox I have two, Eddie and the mouse who's got a nickname Nose (don't ask, that was my little man's idea).
It is an amusing interactive toy. My only issue with it is that the settings are only on/off, and there is no button to reduce the level of the sound and this little mouse has a pretty loud voice.

 Do you know any tots who would love to give Mad Mutz and Chitter Chatters a loving home?


P.S. We received two toys for the purposes of reviewing, all opinions are mine (and Eddie's).


  1. Aww love the photos, he's got such a cheeky face ! :)

  2. Thank you Cheryl, he is a cheeky monkey, and he thinks it's a compliment too, when I call him that. ;)