Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hurrah, we've got a sandpit!

To say Eddie loves being outdoors is an understatement, he would spend all day long in the playground or in the garden, or just walking in town and commenting on every passing car "Silver car" or "Blue car". We go out in the garden every day to clean the lawn from the falling leaves, or check how our tomatoes doing in the greenhouse. I have been thinking of getting a sandpit for Eddie for a while, when we were offered a wooden sandpit from Big Game Hunters.

I was very excited about its arrival, as I anticipated Eddie's delight at having his own personal sandpit in the garden.
And we were not disappointed. We received a sturdy Hexagonal wooden sandpit. It comes with a protective plastic cover to keep all the uninvited visitors away (our neighbours' cats consider our garden their own territory and kingdom).

What the Big Game Hunters promise:

"The Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit from Garden Games is an excellent value sandpit that will fit straight into any garden. Built to last, this fantastic sandpit is designed to withstand the impacts of bad weather and heavy usage.

This sandpit is made from strong, durable wood and will accommodate for years of children's playing. As well as being well-built, this sandpit is also very attractive, giving your garden an added eye-catching feature whilst also providing your children with hours of enjoyment."

What did we think of it?
It does look and feel very sturdy and durable. The wood is treated to endure the British weather. It has a great appeal factor. It looks child-friendly and is welcoming you to climb inside and start playing with the sand. It also makes an attractive feature in our old garden. You know, some plastic garden stuff looks alien when placed next to the wooden furniture. This sandpit is a natural addition to our lawn and the fruit garden.

The day we put the sandpit in the garden (actually we asked a friend who is brilliant with all DIY tasks to assemble it for us), Eddie didn't want to leave it, even when it started raining. I had to pick him up and carry indoors, or he would have stayed there, oblivious to the rain.

This sandpit gets top marks from our family, and I am looking forward to the spring and summer, so that I can do the gardening jobs and have Eddie safely nearby, digging and building his sandcastles.

When I grew up, we had a common sandpit in the play area next to the block of flats we lived in. It was much loved by the local tots (and cats, alas). Playing with the sand is one of the simple pleasures of life that has to be experienced.

Big Game Hunters have a wide selection of sandpits for all tastes and pocket sizes, some of them include the most entertaining Choo Choo Train sandpit and Sand Sailor sandpit.


  1. hmmm, I have this with cover and a wooden lid, paid over £100 for it and it let so much water in despite having covers on bottom and top it must get in sides. Awful. Hope you have better luck as mines going to the skip

  2. I was wondering whether to get a wooden lid, since the plastic cover turns into a swimming pool, as it goes down in the middle. We probably need more sand as well for it not to sag so badly. I haven't actually checked what's inside, as the weather has been awful so far.
    Interesting to know about your experience!

  3. Ahhh It looks fab! Hope you have it covered right now! I am planning to get one this year for the Summer! Summer? just hope we get one this year!

    1. It was covered though the lid hasn't survived well this winter with its battering winds, all shredded now, need to get a tarpaulin piece in the garden centre, as alas, the plastic lid is not sold separately from the sandpit

  4. I have just bought a great sandpit in the sale from B&Q It has a lid too - I will fill it when the weather gets warmer though!