Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Giggling into 2013 with Justin

Are you a fan of Justin Fletcher? Then you are in for a treat, as Justin's very first annual hits the shops this month. My guys and I were thrilled to receive Justin's Annual 2013 in the mail. I have written many times how much my family loves Justin, so we were delighted to see all our favourite characters which include Engelbert the dog and Ralph the car - joining Justin in this fabulous edition. It is truly giggle-tastic.

This annual is filled with puzzles, games, stories, jokes, stickers and colouring pages.

Like any two-year-old Eddie loves stickers, when he saw these two pages, he exclaimed "Wow, stickers!"

If you love colouring in, dots-to-dots, drawing and tracing, you won't be disappointed.

There are lots of jokes that would make you giggle like this one:

- Why did Justin throw the butter out of the window?
- He wanted to see the butterfly.

There is even a recipe for Justin's No-bake Chocolate Fridge Cake.
This is a fun educational book (kids will enjoy it so much, they won't even notice that they will learn things).

This Annual would be a great addition to a Christmas stocking for any Justin's fan.

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