Sunday, 11 November 2012

A vintage giggle

Every time we go into town, we pass The Old Pill Factory shop which is a vintage shop with a difference. They call themselves the Tardis of a shop, and they are right about it, as you move from one room to another, you travel in time.

It is not one of those grand imposing antique shops where you often wonder whether you are in the museum by mistake, like shops in Corn street which sell the17th C chests, Elizabethan embroidery and Georgian chairs.

I might be wrong, but The Old Pill Factory Shop doesn't go beyond the 20th C (or perhaps late 19th C) in its selection of goodies. But that doesn't mean it is less exciting. Eddie and I often pop in to admire the old teddybears, or browse through the old volumes, touch the vintage fabrics. The other day as we were on the way to do some grocery shopping, the sign outside made me stop in my tracks. It said: Breed Champion. Now if you have a wicked sense of humour, that would make an utterly brilliant present for someone. I was toying with an idea of buying it as a birthday present for my husband, but thought he wouldn't appreciate the joke.

You can get this unusual vintage gift for £30 (yes, I checked the price). But hurry, I think it will be snatched soon.

If you love reading about vintage finds and buys, have a look at Vintage Mummy's blog, there is a Linky open at the moment to share your vintage-themed posts.


  1. Love the Breed Champion sign -that is certainly something DH would appreciate!lol

  2. Oh that sounds like my kind of shop.Buy the sign, buy the sign!

  3. Oh yes- buy the sign because otherwise I will!

  4. We have a shop similar here, I used in go in so often they offered me discount, not so much now but they do have some great things tucked away....Now BUY the Sign ;) x