Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Terrifying tea time treats: gingerbread for Hallowe'en

At Hallowe'en, it's all about the atmosphere. Light the candles, carve the scary pumpkin and bake your own gingerbread skeletons and mummies.

Bake the gingerbread as you would usually do, once they are cool to touch, decorate them. You will need a super fine icing sugar to mix the base paste. Add a tiny bit of water or lemon juice, and mix well until you have a paste (not too runny, not too thick). Cover the gingerbread with the base. For the coloured biccies, add some food colouring (for example, Dr Oetker gel colours) to the icing paste.

Once the icing is set, take a brush and draw your designs on the surface. I used Queen Natural extracts (drop vials) and Dr Oetker food colouring gels.

Gingerbread Funnybones

Have fun!

Gingerbread mummy

As I finished decorating the first two gingerbread men, Eddie pointed to the mummy and asked "What happened to him?" I replied "It's a mummy". "And that's a Daddy", said my little man, pointing to the skeleton.


  1. Wow what a great idea! Might have a go with my kids at the weekend. We have some gingerbread men cutters and I am sure they could be transformed into zombies or boogiemen! Love Halloween!

    1. Thank you Tracy! Would love to see what you bake with your kids.

  2. So CUTE!!! I'll try them, my daughetr'll love them, sure!! Thanx for sharing this recipe! Have a nice w.e., Simona!

    1. Thank you Simona! Have a nice weekend too! I haven't been in Italy at Halloween, curious to see what's it like.