Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Percy Pig cupcake mix: not so pigalicious

Eddie and I are quite partial to M&S's Percy pigs. Our favourite is the original sweets, but we wouldn't say No to the other sweets in the range. On a recent trip to the M&S my little man insisted on buying a box of Percy Pig cupcake mix.

The mix makes 6 cupcakes topped with the sweets and includes a cupcake sponge mix (just add the milk), a bag of icing mix (you need to add the softened butter) and Percy pig soft gum decorations.

While the cupcakes themselves were all right, nothing special but not too bad for a packet mix, the icing was a totally different matter.
Usually when you buy the cake mixes, they have a decent sell by date, so I grabbed the box without checking it out first. I was wrong not to do it. It was too close to its expiry date (actually today, but we baked them a few days ago so technically it should have been fine).

Once I mixed the icing with the butter, I "kissed the spoon and I didn't like it". It was certainly off. What a waste of good butter. My guys licked the icing and made faces. According to Eddie, it tasted funny.

They were happy to eat the gummy piggies, but all in all, I would say, it wasn't a successful purchase, and I will definitely be avoiding this particular cupcake mix in the future.
If we want Percy pig cupcakes, we'll bake our own, from scratch and top them up with Percy pig gums.

On the plus side, there are no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.
But the icing was definitely a big let-down.
The box advertises "Percy pig flavour icing", but it tasted like it was the product that came from Percy's rear end.


  1. Ohh no shame about the icing! The cakes do look yummy though x

    1. The cakes were all right, but we had better packet cake mixes, like Peppa Pig, for example. :)

  2. Not good. A particular let down when you have eager children anticipating some tasty cakes to eat I should imagine.

    1. I certainly expected a better quality from M&S. We're still loving Percy pig gummy sweets. A packet doesn't last long here. :)

  3. Pam Francis Gregory29 October 2013 at 13:26

    Cakes look OK, shame about the icing though!