Monday, 14 October 2013

Hallowe'en treats in Thorntons for your little goblins

Every evening at bedtime my guys expect me to read a story or two (or three) to them, and almost every evening lately they insist on listening to Funnybones: The Ghost Train. The world of Funnybones demystifies the concept of scary things: skeletons, monsters and ghosts are friendly and amusing. Eddie's love of skeletons is given a boost by the approaching Hallowe'en.

There is no escape from Hallowe'en, the shops in town have already started the themed window displays and the Hallowe'en goodies can be found everywhere: from the florist to the sewing shop, from the Pound shop to Thorntons.
Our local Thorntons shop is quite small, but cozy, and this is often my first port of call when I am looking for presents for teachers and teaching assistants, or when I fancy a treat for myself.

As Eddie and Sasha love Funnybones so much, I knew the little chocolate skeleton lollies would be a big hit with them. I grabbed a few, especially that they were on offer.
Hallowe'en is approaching, and we need to think about getting a stash for any little tricksters knocking on our door, dressed in spooky costumes. And if you are anything like me and my family of chocoholics, then chocolate treats for Hallowe'en from Thorntons are not going to last very long in our house.

I am pleased to report the chocolate lollies are made from yummy white and milk chocolate and contain no artificial colours or flavourings (what is really scary is how often the confectionery catering for kids contains the E-numbers and other nasties).

A seal of approval

I had a tiny bite myself, the chocolate was very creamy and melting in my mouth (a bit too sweet for me, but kids loved it).

You don't have to be a child to enjoy treats for Hallowe'en, and the choice is very tempting. What about gooey caramels smothered in chocolate? Special toffee or Licorice toffee?

Image credits: Thorntons

As we were walking in the town centre, Eddie and I were in stitches, trying to re-write the lyrics from Funnybones:
In the dark dark town
There is a dark dark square.
Off the dark dark square
There is a dark dark street
In the dark dark street
There is a dark dark shop.
In the dark dark shop
There are chocolate skeletons!
Would YOU like a bite?


  1. LOL! You made me giggle - I could just imagine you singing along to Funny Bones! I'm looking forward to halloween - just wish it lasted longer than just one night as there are so many great things you can buy and I love all the dressing up! Yeah!

    1. Thank you Tracy! as they also watch it often on Youtube, that little ditty keeps playing in my mind, when I go to bed, "In the dark dark town..."

  2. Pam Francis Gregory28 October 2013 at 12:07

    These look great for Thursday night!

  3. fantastic Thorntons always come up with inventive fun .