Friday, 1 January 2016

Turtletastic Cake Kit

Among numerous Christmas gifts that Eddie received was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle-tastic Cake Kit. It was a gift from our friend Jen, who knows how much Eddie loves Ninja Turtles. For the last week he kept asking me if we could bake some cupcakes, and finally today I agreed.
The cake mix kit is a product of Green's. The kit is basically like any other cupcake kit for kids. There are 12 paper cake cases as well as a few dry ingredients, to which you need to add just an egg and some water.

Ninja Turtles cupcakes are vanilla cakes with green colour strawberry flavoured iding and rice paper Ninja turtles-themed cut outs of bandanas with eyes and mouths.

Simple and easy, this kit has oodles of appeal for little people who are fond of the ninja turtles.
Eddie's favourite part - apart from eating, of course - is decorating. He loved pouring the icing over the baked cupcakes and making the green faces.

The icing is a strange pale green colour, so not exactly like the animation characters' colour, but that didn't bother my ninja fan.

Eddie pronounced the icing delicious. It is very sweet and has a pleasant smell, not exactly a real strawberry, more like strawberry confectionery.

As you can see, Eddie was very proud of his work. This is not exactly Masterchef, but we'll get there one day.

The kit promises no artificial colours or flavours, though looking at the list of ingredients now I do notice quite a few E-numbers (in emulsifiers and stabilisers), and to be honest, I'd have been happier if they didn't use them at all.
What are your thoughts on the matter?


  1. We picked up a few baking kits too - they're great for when the kids want to bake "by themselves" or when I'm short on time. I know what you mean about E numbers - I'm happier without them but I don't overly stress because I'm sure there were more when I was growing up in the 80s ! Great cakes, Eddie :)

  2. What fun cakes and Eddie looks so proud. I think E numbers are much safer than they used to be but try and avoid where possible