Monday 11 January 2016

Teletubbies Toys are here!

To the squeals of glee and excitement throughout the country, much anticipated Teletubbies Toys are finally here. Toy manufacturer, Character Options has revealed its latest range of interactive soft toys, figurines, play sets and novelty items, all of which will be available from mid-January.
You might have seen my December post, mentioning how excited we were to be chosen as one of 50 blogging families to review a newly launched range of Teletubbies toys. The day has finally arrived to do a big reveal.

Ta da! That's what we got in the parcel!

Eddie couldn't wait to get into that big box with Teletubbies toys. I was a bit concerned that he might feel he's too old for them now, but I shouldn't have worried. He still like soft toys. And who doesn't?!

Each Teletubby is available as a 6-inch Supersoft Collectable (£6.99). Suitable for all ages, they will make a lovely sleeping-hugging companion for any little person. They are soft-squishy and absolutely adorable.

We also received an 8-inch Talking Soft Laa-Laa (£9.99) and he is as cute as a button. Gently press its tummy and listen to the sounds it makes.
If you or your child watched the original Teletubbies all those years ago, you might remember their iconic phrases like Eh-oh and Big Hug.
Everybody say Aww.

Tubby Phone  (£9.99) has four keys to press, all coloured differently for each Teletubby. Press the key, and a chosen Teletubby pops up on the screen and talks. The phone plays music and has quite a wide choice of sound effects. Eddie's still at an age when he loves talking toys, so he was excited to play with his new tubby phone.

The range is pretty impressive. To see it in full glory, don't forget to check it out at Character Options. You will find a variety of playsets like The Tubby Custard Machine, The Superdome playset, Music Day playset and more.

Noo-noo and Po on Scooter are collectable figures. Made of plastic, they look durable and colourful.

All bloggers received different toys, so if you fancy to have a peek at the other toys in the collection, check out Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews wrote in her blog review of Teletubbies.

I think all of us need a soft huggable Teletubby in our life.

Disclosure: We received a selection of toys for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are Eddie's and mine.


  1. What lovely looking toys, so cuddly

  2. I notice Po's got a helmet now - he never used to have one !