Friday, 8 January 2016

Spiral Ninja Slicer

Crab salad

I've seen numerous blog posts extolling the virtues of clean eating, where the spiralliser has featured extensively. Many of my foodie friends posted fun photos on Instagram, and I really fancied to have a go myself. Not that I will ever want to commit to a pasta-free life or an unappetizing sin-free raw diet.
When I saw on amazon that I could try and test a Spiral Ninja slicer by Already Ninja for a pound in exchange for an honest review, I knew I couldn't miss this opportunity.

I love salads, and getting a spiralliser would let me prettify my salads.
So far I have tested this little kitchen gadget on cucumbers and courgettes, both of which I eat raw added to salads quite often.

Spirallised cucumber

Spiral Ninja is easy to operate, you just insert your chosen vegetable and keep rotating it until the vegetable comes out in thin strips. There are two options - either do wide thin ribbons or the thin spaghetti-like strips, just turn the slicer upside down.

Spirallised courgette

This slicer has extra strong Japanese steel Ninja Blades. The plastic part of the slicer is made with high-grade, food-safe ABS plastic.
Inside the box you will also find a free ceramic peeler, a small storage bag, a flexible cleaning brush (to clean the pesky bits stuck at the bottom of the blade), safety cap and a healthy recipe ebook which I haven't actually downloaded so cannot comment on the quality of recipes.
I liked the compact size of the slicer, it won't take much space on the kitchen shelf.
The funky-shaped vegetables have certainly livened my usual salads.

Crab salad with spirallised cucumber

Apart from salads, I have used this gadget to prepare courgetti.
Just slice the courgette, then give it a quick fry in the olive oil with one finely chopped clove of garlic.
I cooked a standard Bolognese sauce with minced beef, red onion, tomatoes and herbs to go with courgetti.

Courgetti Bolognese

 Courgetti look like great fun, but they really aren't a substitute for pasta. Sorry, but they are not. I'd rather not have pasta at all than pretend that courgetti are a perfect alternative, they are not and they never will be.
If you don't think of them as a substitute for pasta, then the thin courgette noodles are a perfectly nice light meal.
Every year, once January begins, all the media starts talking about healthy diets. Fitness DVDs seem to multiply overnight, featuring inanely grinning celebs in bikinis who share their diet secrets with "lucky" us.
Those showbiz ladies might look glamorous but their diet is so joyless and miserable.
Everything in moderation is fine. If you want pasta, enjoy your pasta. If you want courgetti, well, enjoy courgetti.
As for me, pass me another box of chocolate!


  1. A refreshingly honest review ! I've always been intrigued by spiralisers but I haven't tried one and I had my reservations about courgetti being as great as everyone says too !

  2. I couldn't agree more! courgetti NOT spaghetti. yet I confess i just bought one for my mum... but not for courgetti! In italy we were served chips made with a spiralizer, freshly fried... yum! And family loved them so there you go. Better use of a spiralizer? :)

  3. thank you for sharing this with me, I am in agreement pasta is pasta, veg is veg, and while you may want to add lots more veg to your meals it is not a substitute.