Monday, 18 January 2016

Coconut milk blini

My guys love pancakes in all guises, call them crepes, crespelle or blini. Quite often, as soon as I get up at the weekend, Eddie will make a cute innocent-begging face and ask me to cook pancakes for breakfast. As it is such a simple and quick meal to prepare, I often treat them to a little stash. Some days I cook proper big-sized pancakes, some days little Russian-style blini. And they all disappear faster than I can make them.

I use the word blini rather than blinis because in Russian blini means pancakes in plural, so blinis as a word is totally wrong, it's a double plural.

Coconut milk blini (makes 16)
2 medium eggs
1tsp caster sugar
1tbsp soured cream
80g self-raising flour
100ml coconut milk

Beat the eggs with a bit of sugar and soured cream, add the flour, keep mixing until you get thick smooth consistency. Then add the milk and whisk again. The batter is quite liquid.
Butter a pancake pan and fry for a couple of minutes on each side.
Serve hot, with whatever toppings you fancy - honey, soured cream, maple syrup, jam and cream, sliced bananas and whipped cream.

In this recipe I used a Koko Dairy Free Original coconut milk, which was part of the last Degustabox. Usually I add semi-skimmed milk. Coconut milk gave a slightly sweeter flavour to blini than the plain milk, but overall it's a good substitute for milk if you don't do dairy (obviously skip the soured cream if you are dairy-intolerant, and use coconut oil instead of butter).


  1. Not had pancakes for ages, and now I want some!

  2. we love pancakes made with coconut milk and if you can use mashed banana in place of the eggs