Saturday 2 January 2016

December Out and About Linky Round-Up

It has been the mildest, wettest and warmest December on record. Just today I spotted a newly blooming daffodil on the way into town. There are some primroses and grape hyacinths in our garden. How crazy is that?! We enjoy longer route into the town centre, going through the fields and we are also anxiously watching the levels of the Windrush river. It has certainly gone much higher and wider in the last week.
December has been packed full with events and children's school activities.
What did our Out and About linky bloggers do this last month of the year?

Anca from Anca's Lifestyle took a lot of beautiful nature photos in Sherwood Forest, a place I have never visited. As a child I was fascinated by its history and Robin Hood's stories, maybe one day I can take my boys there. Major Oak is a 1000-year-old tree, very impressive.

Sherwood Forest: photo credits - Anca's Lifestyle
Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust was busy snapping all the festive stalls and attractions at the Belfast Christmas Market. It sounded like great fun, walking among the festive displays, and sipping some mulled wine. And just look at that ginormous wooden bear. I want one for our hall. Then again, maybe it's not the best idea.

Belfast Christmas Market: photo credits - Dragons and Fairy Dust

Eileen from ET Speaks from Home and her children spent a magical day at Drayton Manor Theme Park. Manor is known for being Europe's only Thomas Land, and it has recently opened its popular magical winter wonderland Christmas event with fireworks. Judging by the pictures on the blog, it was pretty spectacular.

Fat Controller: image credits - ET Speaks from Home
Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews and her guys happened to watch an illuminated underwater-themed parade. It was a splendid sight, and I wish we had something similar in our town in winter.

Abyss parade: image credits - Madhouse Family Reviews
Zoe from Splodz Blogz is one brave lady, she has been touring Europe on a motorbike. You must see her photos and read about the travels, absolutely thrilling. The hairpin bend image gives me heebie jeebies. A picture of love locks in Cologne is much more relaxing.

Love locks in Cologne: image credits - Splodz Blogz

After the tour of Europe, Zoe ventured to explore the Lincoln castle which has recently been restored to its former glory. As always, her photos are very inspired. And being a tea-holic, I absolutely loved the teapots in the local Bunty's tea room (how quaint is that name?!).

Teapots: image credits - Splodz Blogz
Those two previous trips might have been very exciting, but Zoe's photos of grey seal pups have totally stolen my heart. I was going all oh and aww, looking at the cute animals at Donna Nook in Lincolnshire.

Grey seal pup: image credits - Splodz Blogz

Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews and her children went to the Zoo. The seals in the viewing area refused to co-operate and didn't want to play. The owls looked quite alert though. The kids took part in the treasure hunt and did some crafting activities too, so it was a fun day out.

Owl: image credits - Madhouse Family Reviews

Have you been out and about recently?

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  1. Oh this is a great linky, makes me want to go on an adventure :)

    Corinne x

    1. If you go on an adventure and blog about it, please don't forget to join in our linky

  2. Another great round-up - thanks for including my posts here. I really must go and visit Major Oak, it really isn't very far away from me and I've never seen it.

    1. Major Oak looks spectacular, I'd love to see it too

  3. We were marvelling at the daffodils as we drove to my parents' last week ! We got out quite a bit over the holidays so I'll link up a few posts :)

    1. Yes please, Cheryl! And it is so odd to see spring flowers in December-January

  4. Now I just need to remember to link a few up each month :) Feel free to nudge me x