Saturday, 9 January 2016

Photo diary: week 1, 366

And here we are, a new year, new beginnings, 366 starting all over again. Exciting and inspiring.
I cannot say we started the new year with a big bang. If anything, it was a late relaxed morning. I baked mini croissants (from frozen, I hasten to add, I didn't spend the morning, making my own croissant pastry) and served them with the delightful Pernigotti gianduia dark chocolate spread. It is so much better than Nutella, a superior chocolate spread. I regret that I only got one jar in Lakeland, and now they are all gone. If you do happen to find it in shops, grab it, it's divine.

We had a lot of rainy days last month, and January is not dry either, and the Windrush river is getting higher. In the last few days we have not been able to walk into town via the fields as the area is under water, and we're watching the river anxiously. A few years ago this area by the bridge was completely flooded.

Not much was happening on the 3rd, and I only took a few photos of the soup I cooked from the chicken leftovers, with miso paste.

04. 01.16: It's been such a mild December and beginning of January that you can see the spring flowers in town, like these daffodils. Feels totally wrong to see these yellow blooms at this time of the year.

05.01.16: We woke up to greet a foggy misty morning. We walked to school, looking at the familiar shapes around being transformed into a magic land. That's St Mary's church behind the trees, almost disappearing in the mist.

06.01.16: I popped into Costa and tried a Tiramisu latte. It was very creamy, but thankfully not too sweet. A lovely treat, but I'd rather not even know how many calories it contained. I don't usually go for extra creamy drinks, or a medium size either, but I have seen a poster in Costa saying that if you order one of their festive drinks in medium or large size, your Costa card will be entered in a competition to win enough points for a year's supply of coffee. Now that would be a dream prize, wouldn't it?! We spend a small fortune in Costa.

On the 7th of January Russia was celebrating Christmas. This beautiful icon on enamel is my Mum's artwork. She's a talented artist, my Mum.

Mother of God, by Lyudmila Kravchenko

Friday the 8th: it happened to be a rather frosty morning. When I peeked in the garden, the roofs as well as some plants were dusted with silver white sparkle. This is a sage plant in our garden.

Today Eddie and I walked across the town, to the Royal Mail depot to pick up a packet which I missed yesterday by 10 minutes (isn't it always like that?!). We guessed it must have been a prize from one of his competition entries. I told Eddie not to get too excited as it could be something very small, and boring, like a farting cushion. He said he'd love that actually. It happened to be a Lego Ninjago set from Ninja Turtles magazine (I checked his pile of magazines, and it looks like the comp has ended in June, that's a long time to pick a winner). Needless to say, my boy is happy. He has already assembled his set.

That's our first week (and a half) of the year



  1. Well done Eddie - again! I feel so sad to see Spring bulbs flowering now, the cold weather will kill them and then what will we have in March/April :( I hope the water levels go down for you and yes, your Mum is very talented #366

    1. Thank you Mary! At the moment it's bucketing, so I am quite worried about the water levels. Fingers crossed, it's not too bad.

  2. You have a very talented mum ... and Eddie has obviously inherited the artistic genes ! :)

    1. Thank you Cheryl! This prize wasn't for artistic merit, it was just an entry form from the magazine.

  3. Loving your frosty sage and hope the river behaves. Well done Eddie