Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The snowman and the snowdog personalised book from Penwizard

There might be still four more months till Christmas, but bloggers have been on the lookout for Christmas gifts wish list ideas as well as attending lots of Christmas-in-July etc events. While I am not that well organised to plan my posts for December, I keep an eye on the latest gifts to add to the wish list. Take my younger son, he likes nothing better than adding the items to his list for Santa which is forever changing. Back in June he wrote a letter to Santa with a modest request of "lots of Lego". He also loves books and films, and we have watched The Snowman and the snowdog so many times, I have lost count. We are both big fans of this warm-hearted story, and I knew Eddie would love a personalised version of The Snowman and the snowdog from Penwizard.
It's not the first time we received a personalised book from Penwizard (three years ago I reviewed the book Peppa Pig Goes to Eddie's Birthday Party, and if you care to have a look at my little man, you'll see how ecstatic he was with his gift, and also how much he has grown up since then. My baby is not a baby anymore).

Creating a personalised book online is an easy and quick process. Visit the Penwizard site and choose a book from a wide range. You could order a hardback at £24.99 or a softback at £17.99.
Choose a gender for your book hero, add their name, and create a character by selecting a skin colour, hairstyle and pyjama style.
You may add a personalised message to the book if you wish (I opted out).

The story is of course well known, and is based on much-loved characters created by Raymond Briggs. It never ceases to move me. When it is retold with a child's name and personalised character, it makes it even more special for children.

When the book arrived, Eddie couldn't wait to open the packet. His eyes were sparkling like stars when he read his name on the cover. He couldn't believe it. Seeing his name printed on the cover was like a mini-miracle for him. I wish I had the camera ready at that moment.

We sat on the sofa in the entrance hall and had to read the story there and then, with Edgar's name appearing through the narrative.
The illustrations are beautiful and warm.

This brilliant Christmas story is poignant and touching, and I find myself sniffing at the end, when the snowman melts, a big softie that I am.
We love the story, and we love the personalised book.
It will make a wonderful gift for any Snowman and Snowdog fan.

Disclosure: we received a free book for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are Eddie's and mine.

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