Sunday, 9 August 2015

Photo diary: week 32, 365

I ended last week's photo diary with our trip to a new playground in The Leys, and I'm starting a new photo post with another photo taken at the same place. In fact we went there three times in one week, as Eddie likes this playground so much. After much climbing and sliding, he's having a little break in this swingy-thingy (does anyone know what's it called?).

On Monday we were busy with Lego. Batman is one of our favourites.

On Tuesday we arranged a playdate with two of Eddie's class mates. We took the swimming trunks and a towel for Eddie to splash in the water play area. We also got a picnic rug and enough food to feed everyone invited. But apparently everybody else had the same idea. It was so crowded, like on a busy beach in summer. Families with picnics all over the place. It was not a time to sit and relax, there were too many kids unsupervised, especially the older ones who just pushed the younger ones around, and it was getting out of control. Saying that, we had a good time with our friends, though all three of us Mums kept running around, watching our guys.
Here is my happy chap (had to cut the photo so as not to post images of any naked kids on my blog). The water was freezing cold, and it turned out to be quite a fresh day. Not that it stopped any youngsters from splashing.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse keep producing more and more fruit. We hardly manage to eat it. I really need to do a few jars of pickles or tomato jam with chillies. I have five different varieties of tomatoes in the greenhouse, and this was the first year I have tried growing the pear-shaped yellow tomatoes. They are very sweet. For some reason tomatoes are the only crop that never fail to impress me. Each year we have a big crop.

Unlike me, Eddie's on a roll, winning prizes - last week it was a prize from Beano, this week a lovely set of Scooby-Doo toys from Scooby Doo magazine. I guess it pays off to send the entry forms printed in magazines. Of course, my little man was thrilled when the postie brought not one but two packets addressed to him.

And this is the thug who visits our garden to use it as his personal loo and the place where to leave his dead victims. He looks so dastardly he could be a character from Goosebumps, couldn't he?! I can just imagine its evil cackle.

Saturday was a colourful busy day, with The Punch and Judy Show, not once, but twice. Eddie was completely enthralled. He absolutely loved it. It was the first time he watched this traditional British show. It was pretty violent, but thankfully without adult crude jokes. Though putting a baby in the meat grinder and turning him into a sausage was quite shocking. Not that any of the kids in the audience seemed to be shocked. They thought it was hilarious.

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