Saturday, 30 May 2015

Photo diary: week 22, 365

Midterm break has been a busy week for us. While Sasha spent three days with the Guideposts, Eddie and I played in the garden, visited the Pleasure garden at Blenheim park and the Burford garden centre. We also plan to go to the cinema tomorrow. Eeek, I haven't been to the movies for about 14 years. 
Last Sunday we decorated our cardboard castle, having painted the dragon with poster paints. It now proudly sits atop one of the turrets.

We made some slush iced juice drink with a ChillFactor bottle, and loved the taste and texture. It reminded me of the iced drinks called granita we had in summer in Italy.

Going grocery shopping with Eddie is a dangerous business, as he tends to push me towards The Entertainer shop. "Just to look, Mummy"... Of course, we always end up buying something. Eddie wanted to have his photo taken as a ninja turtle.

Our friend Jen took us by car to the Burford garden centre. I had a latte and a very soggy slice of cake. Eddie enjoyed a bag of crisps (which costs as much as a whole packet of 6 bags in any supermarket). For some reason, he thinks that he needs to close his eyes to show his appreciation of foods and drinks, which makes me laugh every time.

On Thursday we anxiously looked at the sky, as the big dark clouds were moving slowly. We planned to have a picnic at the pleasure garden in Blenheim park, and didn't want any rain. We were lucky. Eddie loves the train ride in the park. And we were photobombed by the train driver.

Wisterias in town are already starting to look ragged, but I managed to find a slightly better bunch.

Our weekly visit to Costa for a cup of latte for me, and some sweet treat for Eddie. Sitting outside the cafe, Eddie insisted staying in the sunny spot. 


  1. Love the ninja turtle shot! :) #project365

    1. Thank you Stacey! It makes me smile, that shot