Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Chocolate bundt cake with crystallised violet petals

edible flowers

I always wanted to visit the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, but had no chance so far. I keep telling myself that one day I will. Last year a friend of mine spent a lovely day there, admiring the most beautiful flower displays.

Photo credits: Jennifer Osman; This spectacular sea of blues and purples was my inspiration for the cake.

To celebrate the opening of the flower show later this week, Turtle Mat has challenged foodie bloggers to create a recipe, using edible flowers. You may ask what's the connection between the door mat company and the flower show (well, I did ask). They go to the Chelsea Flower Show every year to exhibit.
I received two products to play with: dried marigolds and crystallised violet petals from Sous Chef. Many years ago I have baked a cake with marigold petals for my Tudor-themed costume party. I looked for this recipe online but cannot find it. Marigolds used to be a substitute for saffron in baking, as the sponge acquire a golden tint thanks to the marigolds.
I've always loved rose and violet cremes, these vintage and timeless chocolates with the beautiful aroma and delicate taste. So, baking a chocolate cake with violet petals was the next step.

Crystallised violet petals from Sous Chef are very fragrant, sweet and delicate tasting. They look gorgeous, and will make perfect decorations for a sophisticated cake or posh cupcakes.

Chocolate bundt cake with crystallised violet petals
40g cocoa powder (pure cocoa, not chocolate mix)
250ml water
1/2tsp sea salt
200g unsalted butter
3 medium eggs
200g caster sugar
100ml soured cream
1tsp vanilla extract
3 drops of rose extract (optional)
40g cornflour
210g self-raising flour
1tsp baking powder with a squeeze of lemon juice over
for the frosting:
100g (1 bar) of dark cooking chocolate
1tbsp runny honey
1tbsp caster sugar
125ml extra thick half fat cream
crystallised violet petals

Start by mixing cocoa with warm water, salt and softened butter in a small pan, heat until the butter melts. Let it cool (set aside for about 15 minutes).
Beat the eggs with the caster sugar. Add the soured cream, vanilla extract, rose extract, cornflour, flour and baking powder. Mix well. Pour in the cooled cocoa butter mix, and combine together.
Pour the cake batter in the bundt cake tin, sprayed with the cake release. Place the cake tin in the oven preheated to 180C. Bake for about 40+ minutes. Check the readiness with a wooden toothpick.
Take the cake out of the oven and let it cool a bit before turning the tin over.
To make the frosting melt the chocolate with sugar and honey in a small pan over the hot water. Take off the heat. Add the cream and mix well together.
This is the most delicious frosting, glossy and immensely chocolatey.
Spread the frosting over the cake, and decorate with the violet petals.

I had to be quick, as my older son was standing over and waiting for me to add the finishing touches. He tried the violets, and would have gobbled them up, if I let him. I kept telling him "Let me do some photos first, then you'll get a big slice!"

edible flowers

The sponge itself is very moist, and not too sweet. The violet petals add a glamorous touch to the overall effect.

Disclosure: I received two Sous Chef products for the purpose of testing and creating a recipe. All opinion are mine.

If you liked this recipe, and would love to see more ideas on what to cook with the edible flowers, I may suggest looking at my Pinterest board Edible Flowers & Blooms, where I pin the most exciting and beautiful recipes.

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Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust has created not one but three inspiring recipes with edible flowers, have a look  and drool at her yummy jasmine ice cream, marigold and orange shortbread and
butterscotch sauce with cornflower petals.

Disclosure: I received two products from Sous Chef for the purposes of testing and creating a recipe.


  1. This looks incredible. Cake is my absolute weakness but I'm not very good at making them, I also adore violets! This is cake perfection to me!

    1. Thank you Charlotte! This is not a difficult recipe, and the violets are lush

  2. That. Looks. Amazing. And so beautiful. I bet it tastes divine. I need to bookmark this to try it out myself!

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  5. What a pretty cake, the blue petals really set it off

  6. wow, that looks so luscious and doesn't the chocolate look so intense next to those violet flowers... so pretty x

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