Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Monsoon Malabar Coffee Capsules for Nespresso

Monsoon Malabar limited edition

Like the stories of old go, in the 18C the ships which carried coffee beans across half the world from India to Europe, were battered by the monsoon winds, sprayed by the salty water and dried by the sea breeze, thus changing the taste of the precious cargo. The coffee acquired the saltiness of the sea.
Nespresso has recreated the vintage flavours and released the Monsoon Malabar limited edition, the latest in its world-and-history-inspired collection. Nespresso has revived an old tradition, replicating the authentic flavours of monsooned coffee.
This coffee boasts an intense bold character, with woody earthy notes. The slightly grassy aroma is beautiful, and flavour is on the spicy salty side.
Personally I know more about latte and cappuccino rather than black coffee, so I have invited a couple of friends over who drink only black coffee and asked for their opinion.
One of my friends said that it was quite a strong, almost masculine coffee. She mentioned the burnt wood notes.
The other appreciated its saltiness and spices.
The coffee capsules come in a sleek red wood-coloured box. Each capsule is golden with a paisley design, like a beautiful Indian sari.
It is a lovely coffee, though it won't change my coffee-drinking habits. But I'd be happy to have it in stock for my guests who enjoy their coffee black and milk-free.

How do you like your coffee?


For the full range of capsules, visit Nespresso.

Disclosure; I received a selection of Nespresso capsules for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.


  1. wel i like it :D pass me some :D dear galina.. i love to start my day with this beautiful cup of cofeee

    1. Thank you Monu! Wouldn't it be nice to have a coffee together one day?