Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Molkosan Vitality and 14 Day Detox Plan

Christmas meal is probably the most calorie-laden meal of the year for many families. We had a big feast on Christmas, and after eating the leftovers for a couple of days, I felt totally lacking in energy and as stuffed as the turkey. You know that feeling of being bloated, sluggish, apathetic and lethargic? Yes, that's how I felt after trying to polish the remains of Heston Blumenthal's pudding with a champagne cream (well, nobody wanted to finish it, that was my excuse anyway). Well, why don't I try some Molkosan Vitality?!

What is Molkosan® Vitality?
It is a powdered prebiotic drink used for easing bloating and promoting better digestion. It is a more convenient version of Molkosan Original. Made from organic milk, it is lactose and calorie free and is suitable for vegetarians.
We are all familiar with a nursery rhyme about Little Miss Muffet who sat on a tuffet,eating her curds and whey. But how many people nowadays actually know what whey is or use it? My grandmother used to make her own cottage cheese (she kept the best milking cows in her village and people came from the other villages to buy milk and cottage cheese). I know she kept the whey in the fridge and washed her face with it.
But I digress.
Going back to Molkosan Vitality. "Made from fresh whey, Molkosan Vitality is made using Molkosan Original, naturally fermented concentrated whey rich in L+ lactic acid".
How to take it?
Just add a sachet of the powder to a glass of water (or apple juice), stir well and drink immediately.
Do this at least 20 minutes away from food intake.

I opened the first sachet on the 27th of December, and mixed with water.
First impressions upon drinking a glass of Molkosan Vitality:
It is an acquired taste, slightly orangey and with a vaguely sour note, but quite mild and not unpleasant. I have dissolved the powder just in water, as I wanted to find out the real taste rather than disguised in the juice. I could also taste the green tea. It is not a sweetened drink.
I think for kids, unless they are well-trained and take health products easily (which is not the case with my guys, and by that I don't mean they need it sweet and sugary), it might be advisable to dissolve the powder in apple juice.
I have quite a sensitive stomach, and do have problems with heartburn. I felt better after taking my first cup of Molkosan. I was impressed, as it definitely has eased the bloating.
I can easily see this drink becoming part of my daily routine, as I can feel the benefits.

If you have over-indulged yourself over these festive days, would you like to join in Fourteen Day Detox Plan? I am definitely taking part, and encourage you to join in. There is also a chance to win a healthy pack worth £50 if you sign up before the 6th of January 2014.
Just looking at the list of Weaknesses, I keep nodding my head in agreement - caffeine, sugar, chocolate - yes, mea culpa. Over-indulged on all fronts.
Go on, join in and see what you can do to improve your well-being. Take as much or as little from the plan, as you want.

Disclosure: I received a pack of Molkosan Vitality for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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