Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Golden Rod & Knotgrass cleansing herb tea blend (A.Vogel)

I have successfully finished my 14Day Detox plan, and can pat myself on the head for sticking to it. It wasn't difficult, as I didn't have any impossible targets. I have cut down my coffee and black tea intake, and was drinking a lot of herbal infusions and tea blends instead. Golden Rod & Knotgrass cleansing tea blend (A.Vogel) was one of my little helpers, which kept me hydrated and refreshed.

I have also been taking Molkosan Vitality which I reviewed recently. I liked the effect so much that I visited our local health shop and bought a bottle of Molkosan Original (they didn't have Vitality). Taste-wise, the Original flavour is just like drinking whey, so not everyone's cuppa tea, and once this bottle is finished, I will order Molkosan Vitality as I prefer its flavour. But both of these products work really well to prevent from feeling bloated and sluggish.
These products from A.Vogel helped me with my Detox plan.

What is Golden Rod & Knotgrass cleansing herb tea blend?
"A gentle blend of five herbs, known for their positive effect in kidney and bladder function, will relieve fluid retention and contribute to an overall cleansing of the system, without strong detoxification reactions.  It is an ideal adjunct to other detox treatments.
How to take: 1 cup twice daily"

It is a pleasant tea blend of amber colour, very refreshing. Unlike some cleansing herbal teas, it is very easy to drink (you know what I mean, some teas do taste like a bitter medicine and it takes an effort to consume them).

This tea blend contains golden rod, birch leaves, knotgrass, horsetail and wild pansies.
I can easily see this tea becoming a part of my daily routine.

Disclosure: I received a box of Golden rod tea for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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