Monday, 13 January 2014

LivLife bread and MyLivLifePledge

January is the time when many people do new year's resolutions and pledges for the coming year: to eat healthier, to start a new hobby, to spend more time outdoors etc etc. LivLife, a new low carb bread, has recently launched a New Year campaign called MyLivLifePledge.
You might have seen images of MyLivLifePledge on Facebook and were wondering what it is all about. Basically, the campaign is encouraging people to make positive resolutions for 2014.
Is there something you always wanted to do, like learn how to dance tango, or travel to Iceland (and I don't mean the supermarket), finally learn to speak Italian beyond "Ciao ciao" and "Come stai", go on a pony-trekking trip or read all those books that you've been buying and never had a chance to read?
You know what? It is never too late! It doesn't have to be exactly in January, in fact you might feel more like starting anew with the arrival of the spring.
Go on and make resolutions for the year ahead!

LivLife enthuses on the subject:
"Every year millions across the country begin the year with a list of resolutions that say cut down, cut back or cut out and only 8% of people achieve their New Year resolutions.
This year LivLife, the newly launched low-carb bread brand, is hoping to change this by encouraging everyone to focus on the positive things that can be done with the year ahead.
Janaury is blue enough with cold days and dark nights so this January make a positive start to the year with MyLivLifePledge, a New Year resolution with a difference. It’s about promising to do the things you have always wanted to do with the New Year, whether that is travel to your dream destination, learn a new language, learn to drive, do a bungee jump or climb a mountain, 2014 is the year to make these things happen.
Top of many lists will be a much needed health boost but this time it can be allowing yourself rather than giving up! Say yes to bread with LivLife, offering the best of both worlds with the taste sensation of a freshly baked loaf but with 50% fewer carbs per 100g, compared to regular seeded, white and brown sliced loaves – perfect for anyone who is watching what they eat"

To see what the others pledged, visit LivLife Facebook page. And share yours on Facebook!

My own pledge is to cut down on the caffeine. I have been drinking more herbal teas and infusions this month, as well as doing a mild detox with prebiotic drinks. I decided that I won't be doing impossible pledges like avoiding chocolate because, to be honest, this resolution won't last very long.

I also love my bread, but overindulging on carbs might lead to the weight problems. That's why I was very interested to try LivLife bread. Its motto is "Seriously seeded", and that is true. This delightfully seeded bread boasts a combination of linseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. It is a very tasty alternative to "normal" bread.

LivLife is available in selected Waitrose, Morrisons & Ocado stores across the country. RRP £1.99

LivLife makes a lovely toast. I was very pleased that my older son who is very reluctant to try new foods, agreed to try it and actually liked it. You might think it's not a big deal, but when you have a child with autism whose diet is very limited, this is a cause for celebration. Yay! A new food has been added to his approved list of foods.
We tried it in a few different ways: as it is, with soup; toasted and slightly buttered; as a base for an open sandwich.

LivLife bread with homecured salmon
More information about LivLife:
"Livlife bread is baked just like regular bread but it uses vegetable protein flours to replace some of the wheat flour so it can be enjoyed with half of the carbohydrates of regular bread.
Regular bread contains on average 42.7g carbohydrate per 100g.
LivLife Seriously Seeded bread contains only 14.6g carbohydrate per 100g.
Thanks to its high protein content, it helps to increase satiety making people feel fuller for longer.
LivLife has a low glycemic index (GI) of 16. In the UK low GI is considered to be 55 or below."

This month I am on a 5:2 diet, and I am glad to discover a new product which will keep me fuller for longer and hopefully will help me with my goal of losing a bit of weight.

Disclosure: I received two packs of LivLife bread for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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