Monday, 6 January 2014

Get a new figure with LighterLife Fast

They say nobody diets for seven days a week any more. 5:2 Diet is so popular that books and blogs on the topic appear with an increasing regularity. Today is the day when many people start dieting, and many health food brands are behind campaigns that encourage you to eat healthy meals. Losing weight or eating healthy is one of the most popular new year's resolutions.

Many of us have enjoyed an indulgent festive season. It's not the Christmas meal alone, but endless drink and mince parties at work or with the neighbours and friends, when you think it's OK not to count calories and just enjoy oneself (a concept I subscribe myself to). I knew when January came, I would need to re-think my eating plans, and do a proper detox.
When asked if I might be interested in testing and reviewing new products for 5:2 Diet, I gladly accepted the challenge. I have wanted to try this diet for quite a while, seeing some scrummy recipes on the blogs.
In the past, when I was in my 20s, I regularly had a fast day, when I had no food at all, and it was actually very liberating and made me feel in control of my body. Twenty plus years later, I would love to have some fast days. It's not the matter of finding it hard to eat less, but knowing the amount of calories you consume.
If you are unsure about the calorie intake, and would like some help, there is a new range of diet products coming to the British hight street - LighterLife FAST 5:2 products launching at Superdrug
to take the hassle out of intermittent fasting.

"LighterLife Fast has signed an exclusive deal with Superdrug to launch the very first 5:2 product on the British high street that delivers 100% nutrition on fast days minus the calories – and complementary media trials are on offer now for those who wish to sample the products first hand.
On sale from 26th December, the revolutionary new LighterLife Fast plan is designed to
make 5:2 intermittent fasting easy and nutritious and with no cooking, no food shopping, no calorie counting, it’s a no fuss approach to 5:2.

Intermittent fasting generally involves cutting calorie intake to around a quarter of what you would usually eat, for just two days a week. On the remaining days, you eat as you would normally. It’s perfect for either shifting a few excess pounds or for simply keeping your weight in check.

By eating four LighterLife FastpacksTM on each of their fasting days, 5:2 followers will be consuming 600 calories on fast days while getting 100% of their recommended daily allowances (RDAs) of key minerals and vitamins, together with plenty of protein and fibre.

Dr Kelly Johnston, LighterLife Fast’s scientist, comments: “In addition to weight control, there is mounting evidence that intermittent fasting brings with it a range of other health benefits and this is currently a hot research topic. However, on fasting days it can be tricky to get your daily dose of the key nutrients your body needs when reducing your calorie intake in food.

“The new LighterLife FastpacksTM offer a very easy solution – as with the exception of energy, they are nutritionally complete, providing a full quota of your daily vitamins and minerals.”

Available exclusively at Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland, the new range start at £7.99 for a box of four FastpacksTM – which is enough for one day of fasting. The FastpackTM options include: 
Savoury meals such as spaghetti bolognese and pasta carbonara 
Porridge – the breakfast favourite! 
Four delicious shakes – vanilla, strawberry, banana and chocolate 
Four scrumptious bars in nut fudge, crispy peanut, cranberry & raspberry and toffee flavours ".

This week I am starting my new diet, and will be reviewing the products as I go along and will let you know what I think of the products, whether I still feel hungry or not, and of course whether my weight would go down as expected.

I am dreading checking my current weight, as going to after-Christmas sales and buying all those reduced boxes of chocolate and biscuits didn't help.

What about you? Will you be joining me and going on a diet this week? Would you like to compare notes?

Have you seen new LighterLife Fast packs in Superdrug? Each bigger pack has a special code printed inside, which you can enter online at Lighterlifefast to win a lovely prize. The competition will run for 52 weeks, and each week will disclose a new prize to win, how's that for an incentive?

Disclosure: I received a selection of LighterLife Fast packs for the purposes and reviewing. All opinions are mine.


  1. I've heard loads about the 5:2 diet so I'll be intrigued to see what you think

    1. Very curious myself. We'll see how it goes. :)

  2. Good luck, the 5:2 diet is meant to be very good, I look forward to reading how you get on.

    1. Thank you Jayne! today is the day, I had their porridge for breakfast.

  3. I tried the 5:2 last year, and found the only down side was trying to eat the right food on 'fast' days. This is a fantastic idea, good luck! xx

    1. Thank you Joanna, I read so many good things about 5:2 and been tempted to try it.

  4. I am doing low carb at the moment and it is working fantastically but thinking of moving on to 5:2 as miss the varied veg. Thanks.