Saturday, 6 October 2012


Take one empty box. A few poster paints and a big brush. Find pebbles and sticks in the garden.
Your PortaZoo is ready.

Eddie has been quite poorly this week, we've been reading together, playing with apps on ipad, watching Mr Tumble and listening to the music. And we've been painting a lot. Give Eddie a brush, and he will be sitting and painting metres of paper.
So, he was only too happy to oblige his Mamma and colour in the empty parcel box when I asked him earlier today.
After the paint has dried, we added some leaves cut out of paper, real pebbles that we brought all the way from Cornwall (I think there might be a few kilos of pebbles in our house) and some sticks from the garden.

Then we added our little green crocodile which Sasha made in school a couple of years ago. I don't let Eddie play with it, as it is made of salted dough, painted and is quite fragile.

This little project which I named PortaZoo, is our submission to Caine's Cardboard Challenge. To find more about it and possibly take part, go to the BritMums page (link removed as expired) and read all about it.


  1. Awww that's amazing, love it :) You've just reminded of the shoe box gardens we used to make - might have to do another one of those too :)

  2. Thank you, Cheryl! Shoe box gardens souns like a lovely idea! For some reason it reminded me of the so called "little secrets" we used to make when we were young, we put a flower and some foil under a piece of broken glass, either plain or green, and it was semi-hidden in the ground, actually looking very pretty, like a mystery treasure.

  3. Beautiful. Loved the cardboard challenge idea, and we did one too. have a look:

  4. WOW amazing how such fun can be created with such simple things. Its wonderful Galina.

  5. Thank you, Mrs Fox and Claire! That kept my little man busy for a while. the only drawback, he is too enthusiastic with the paint, so it ends up everywhere, including his hair and anything nearby.