Monday, 8 October 2012

DIY flavoured salt with rose petals and coriander

This will be my shortest recipe ever, I think. The first time I tried the sea salt flavoured with coriander and rose petals, it was a purchase from Taste Gourmet Spice Company. It was a fabulous flavoured salt, and I added it to almost any savoury dish I have been cooking (if you want to read my review, please follow this link). But once it finished, I was a bit reluctant to buy it again, the problem with online purchases, once you add the P&P, it becomes quite pricey, especially if you need just one item.
And how difficult is it to mix your own salt? I have been making my own flavoured sea salt for a few months, and it works out as much less expensive, plus you can change the ingredients to suit your tastes.

What you need?
A tub of Cornish sea salt: 225g (the one that comes in flakes)
2 tbsp of ground coriander
2 tbsp of dried rose petals (preferably organic)
I pick up rose petals in the garden in summer and dry them, they keep well in tin containers.

Just add the coriander and rose petals to the tub of salt, put the lid on and shake really well. That's it.
I told you, it was the shortest recipe.