Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Daddy, I'm a Zombie DVD: spooktacular fun

If you are a fan of the quirky style of Tim Burton and loved his "Corpse Bride" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas", you might enjoy a new animation fantasy from Lionsgate "Daddy, I'm a Zombie" (Papá, Soy Una Zombie).

When I watched the trailer online, the protagonist Dixie has immediately reminded me of Burton's wide-eyed characters.
After reading one sniggering review about the semantics of zombies (that technically speaking, the main character wasn't a zombie), I thought some people just enjoy the nitpicking, and now I wish I didn't read any reviews in advance.
If you are into the magical happenings, witches, zombies, mummies and ghost pirates, then I think you are in for a treat.

Dixie, a 13-year-old girl, is a goth. She lives with her father who's an undertaker (and who loves to talk to the corpses in his care) in a big creepy house. Her parents have divorced.
The other girls in her college snigger at her and openly bully her, a girl whom she considers a friend, betrays her.
One stormy night she suffers an accident with a tree that crashes against her.
Once she wakes up, she realises that she is turned into a zombie, and finds herself in a very strange world indeed. She befriends the most unusual characters like an Egyptian mummy princess Isis and a ghost pirate boy Gonner.
To find her way back home, Dixie must defeat the evil witch.
I won't be revealing much more of a plot, so as not to spoil the pleasure.

If you think zombies, mummies and witches have nothing to do with our reality, think of them as symbols. The film deals with lots of issues that young teens have to tackle with like bullying in school, difficulties to adjust to the divorce of parents, breaking up of friendships, loss of hopes, angst and rebellious behaviour.

This DVD is the latest release from Lionsgate, and would make a lovely treat for this Halloween, or any other dark rainy evening. Grab a big bowl of homemade popcorn, snuggle under the duvet and enjoy!

UK Cert: PG
Run Time: 79 minutes
Price: £6.99

P.S. We were sent a copy of this DVD for the purposes of reviewing. All views are mine.

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  1. Interesting, does look very Burton-esque. For some weird reason the Blu-Ray isn't due till next year.