Monday, 15 October 2012

How to get rid of cooking smells (review of Palmolive Anti Odour Kitchen Handwash)

Apparently today is a Global Handwashing day. Now that you've learnt this piece of trivia, you might be asking yourself: just who is making these things up? Shouldn't a Global handwashing day be a daily occurrence?

Nevertheless, it could be a good starting point to discuss a topic of cooking smells and how to get rid of them.

Some foods leave a long lingering smell on your hands, even after you washed them afterwards.
Take garlic: it has a rather potent smell. You can use the garlic press of course, but then the garlic press itself needs to be handled, and you hands end up smelly. And there are many dishes when you need to chop garlic in a certain way, so the garlic press is not suitable for all occasions.

There are old-fashioned ways of getting rid  of the garlic smell from your hands, of course. Grannies advised you to simply rub your hands with a stainless steel spoon or any other stainless steel utensil.
If you don't have any stainless steel utensils, then rubbing a bit of salt or baking soda could do the trick.

More tips: after handling fish, cut a slice a lemon and rub it over your hands well, then rinse.

However, there is a special product on the market to help you in the kitchen and have smell-free hands. It is Palmolive Kitchen handwash.

how to get rid of cooking smells

Palmolive Anti Odour Kitchen Handwash contains a lime extract and a natural antibacterial agent, it promises to remove unpleasant cooking odours from your hands, and it is effective against fish, garlic and onion odours.

What Palmolive says : "Some chefs' essential ingredients include garlic, onions, fish and spices, which, while adding flavour and deliciousness to food, can taint your hands with an unpleasant smell. Palmolive's Kitchen Hand Wash is enriched with lime extract and a natural antibacterial agent, helping to banish odour-causing germs from your hands, leaving them feeling extra fresh, clean, protected and garlic free !"

What Palmolive delivers: the handwash works as it says. I used it after handling the fish, chopping garlic and onion, and my hands were smelling nice and fresh after I used the product.

It might look like any other handwash, but it is potent enough to banish bad smells including the unpleasant smell after changing your baby's nappy (and the usual handwash would just mask the smell rather than get rid of it). For that I am giving Palmolive Anti Odour Kitchen Handwash top marks.

I received this product for reviewing, but once the bottle is empty, I will be definitely buying it for my kitchen. Now my hands don't have to smell as if I have been battling the vampires.

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