Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Irish Fairy Door Company

Do you believe in fairies? If you do, you are not alone. And I don't mean just Peter Pan and his famous chant "I do believe in fairies". For those of us who welcome a bit of magic in our lives, the good news is that now you can invite a fairy in your house. The Irish Fairy Door Company has introduced its imaginative range of high quality wooden fairy doors.
These are not just plain painted wooden doors. Oh no, they are portals to the magic world. If you don't believe me, try it!
The Irish Fairy Door Company has come with an ingenious idea of inviting fairies to live in our homes or gardens or parks. Now that's a super idea!

You pick a spot which you think is best for your fairy. Our initial plan was to put the door in the garden, but then it got too wet and rainy, and we didn't want our fairy to get wet, or the little door to get ruined.
Eddie came up with an idea of placing the door by the old fireplace. His thinking was along the following lines - if Santa can come down the chimney, that makes the fireplace a special place where magic happens. And I see his point.
The door comes with the cutest little key. It is so tiny, only a fairy can use it to open the door. As you can see, it can easily fit inside my wedding ring.

The door and all the accessories come in a big colourful box. As a gift idea, it is perfect. There is the door, the tiny key in a teeny weeny bottle, a little message pad, an amusing Family/Fairy lease agreement, a set of three stepping stones and a Fairy Welcome Guide booklet.

This project is a brainchild of life-long friends Niamh Sherwin Barry and Aoife Lawler as well as their husbands Oisin and Gavin.

Once you have chosen where the door is placed, arrange the stepping stones leading to it and leave the note pad and key next to it overnight. If the key is missing in the morning, it means the fairy has taken it and moved in.
You can also find a secret code in the box, which allows you to register your fairy online and get access to the Magical Matters area with the bonus fairy stories, FAQs and a gallery.
The note pad encourages your child to leave little messages to your fairy, and who knows, one day she might reciprocate.

Go on, unleash your imagination and invite a fairy to your house!

Disclosure: We received the set for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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