Friday, 4 December 2015

a2 long life milk

I don't often buy UHT milk, as typically I shop a little bit at a time daily. But whenever we go away for several days, be it on holidays to Cornwall or to Italy, I buy a carton of UHT milk so that on our arrival we don't have to worry that we won't have any milk. Who wants to run to the corner shop late in the evening or first thing in the morning, when you are having breakfast.
Last year I wrote a blog post about a2 milk and its benefits. Noone in my family has digestive problems due to lactose or A1 protein, so we tested a2 milk purely for its taste.
a2 milk is easier to digest than the standard milk. Research has shown that the A1 protein breaks down more slowly in the body, and for some people this could bring on uncomfortable symptoms which are quite similar to lactose intolerance.
Following up the success of fresh a2 milk, The a2 Milk company has launched two new UHT products.

The new format Tetra Pak cartons went on sale in Ocado. There are two types - Semi Skimmed and Skimmed.

My younger son who's a fussy eater, drinks milk regularly. He didn't notice any difference between his standard glass of milk and a2 long life milk.

I have used a2 milk with coffee and tea. The frothy milk for latte was light and creamy.
This delicious milk will benefit people who have health issues due to A1 protein.

Both of my boys absolutely loved the milk gummy bottles. Eddie keeps asking me if I could get more of them. I haven't seen them in the shops yet, but will definitely buy once they are available locally.

For more information, visit A2Milk website.
You can also find A2 Milk on Facebook and follow @a2milkuk on Twitter.

Disclosure: I received cartons of a2 milk for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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  1. I have never tried a2 milk. It is good they have a UHT variety, that is always handy to have for emergencies. Good it tastes nice