Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Christmas Cupboard jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger

If you're still looking for some last minute Christmas gifts, and you know someone who loves jigsaw puzzles, what about The Christmas Cupboard 1000-piece puzzle from Ravensburger?
This is another wonderfully intricate puzzle as illustrated by Colin Thomson, a talented artist with the most vivid imagination. I have in the past enjoyed his design for The Red Box jigsaw puzzle. Thomson's style is truly unique and easily recognisable. He populates his illustrations with the most unusual little creatures.

Open the doors of the Christmas Cupboard at your peril, as among the stashed books and Christmas decorations there are lurking strange little creatures. Books are flying, eyes are peeking at you from the dark corners, there are odd little houses stuck in among the shelves...

It is not a very difficult puzzle, as you can quite easily locate where each piece should go, since all the corners have their own characters and designs. As I love books, I enjoyed reading all the titles of the volumes on the shelves. It gave me so much pleasure.

Like all Ravensburger puzzles, The Christmas Cupboard jigsaw puzzle comes in a sturdy cardboard box. The puzzle pieces are also made from strong durable premium grade cardboard.

Eddie admired and loved it so much, when the time came to disassemble it and put it back in the box, he sat on it, saying he wouldn't let me break the puzzle. But we did put it in the box in the end, so that our friend Jen could pass it on to her elderly friend who enjoys puzzles.

One of the corners shows two of the bizarre little characters holding a poster "Happy Christmas to all our puzzlers!" I totally share the sentiment. Merry Christmas to all you, puzzle lovers!
This was my last jigsaw puzzle of 2015. Can't wait for the new year's discoveries.

Disclosure: I received the puzzle for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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