Monday, 14 December 2015

Prawn salad with sweet beetroot

Let's just say my guys are not keen on beetroot. A real shame, as in a true Russian fashion, I love it. The beet soup borscht was (and is) my Mum's speciality, and when I grew up, I have eaten it regularly. Plus the Russians have a variety of salads which include a delicious beetroot as one of their ingredients. When I moved to the UK, I discovered that the Brits have a love-hate relationship with this root vegetable. They also pickle it to death until it tastes of nothing but vinegar. It's not easy to find a decent beet pickle.That's why I was a bit uneasy when the latest Degustabox arrived with a jar of pickled beets.
Bourne & Wallis British Sweet Sliced Beetroot is cooked and packed in Cambridgeshire. This was a brand I wasn't familiar with before. That's what I like about Degustabox, you receive foods and drinks you wouldn't usually buy or even know of.
Bourne & Wallis produces "a range of contemporary tasting pickles rooted in the Victorian pursuit of preserving, using only naturally grown vegetables, herbs, spices and fine traditional vinegars"
Their sweet sliced beetroot is lovely. You get a combination of flavours - sweet and sour. You can actually taste the sweet vegetable itself, which is great. 
I'm going to look out to try any other products from the range, as I love a good pickle.

I have been munching this pickle straight from the jar, but also used it in a simple salad.

It's not exactly a recipe, more of a suggestion. I am not doing a Nigella and claiming that I've created a recipe, when I only just assembled a few ingredients together as a quick meal. 

I used 1 pack of Whitby Seafoods Prawns in Garlic & Ginger, one big tomato per person, an avocado, a handful of caperberries and a  few tablespoons on pickled beetroot, all drizzled with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
I cooked the breaded prawns in the oven for 10 minutes, and assembled the salad while the prawns were still piping hot. A quick and easy meal. And very tasty too.

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  1. This looks lovely, I love Whitby seafood and the my family would love the beetroot addition