Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Trooper cake from Baker Days

These days you cannot escape Star Wars, even if you tried hard. Star Wars merchandise is just everywhere, from toy shops to supermarkets. My younger son is absolutely thrilled (and he wants everything). I have bought him a Lego Star Wars advent calendar as well as a couple of smaller Lego sets for Christmas. When I saw that Baker Days offer two super Star Wars cake designs for Christmas, I knew my guys would be more than happy to try them.

Choosing a right cake to order is a serious business, and Eddie and I were pondering the benefits of two possible candidates - Christmas Trooper or Disturbing Lack of Cheer. Having chosen our favourite design, we looked at the choice of flavours - vanilla sponge, chocolate chip sponge, fruit cake, gluten free cake and dairy free cake.
With us being a family of chocoholics though we knew that we wanted a chocolate chip sponge.
We also added a personalisation to the funny slogan on the cake.
Our order arrived very fast. It being a Letterbox cake, it came in a flat sturdy box. The cake was in a pretty tin, with some candles, a cute little card and balloons.
The cake arrived in pristine condition. The tin keeps it in good shape, and though the box fell on the floor through the letterbox, the icing wasn't cracked anywhere.

Eddie was ecstatic. He loved the design, loved seeing his name on the cake and loved all the little extras (did I mention it already that he loved it?!).
It felt almost a shame to cut this super cake into slices.

The cake itself was lovely, moist and chocolatey with a soft icing. As you can imagine, it didn't last long. Both of my sons enjoyed it very much. I had only a very small piece. The cake is quite thin, it is basically one-layer cake, that's why it could fit through the letter box.

If Star Wars leave you indifferent, Baker Days has an enviable choice of different designs for different occasions and celebrations. It is probably a tad late to order a cake for Christmas, but there's a new year's celebration coming very soon. And if you're a Star Wars fan, I don't think you need an excuse to order a themed cake. May the Cake be with you!

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Disclosure: I received the cake for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are my family's and mine.


  1. That looks like a great alternative to the traditional Christmas cake if you want something a bit different :)

    1. Thank you Cheryl! We'll have a variety of desserts on Christmas, to please everyone