Saturday, 5 December 2015

Photo diary: week 49, 365

On Sunday Eddie and I stopped in M&S cafe for a little bite and rest in between grocery shopping and looking for Christmas gifts. He enjoyed his Percy Pig chocolate lolly and jumbo raisins. It's funny that every Sunday when we pop into that cafe, we meet a retired gentleman who looks a bit like Santa, i.e. well-rounded and kindly. Eddie likes to chat to him. On days like this I always feel so bad that he lives so far away from his grandparents. He would have loved to see them regularly, not once or twice a year.

On Monday Eddie and I went to a play date after school. There is another Russian Mum at school now, her son is in Reception, and our boys seem to get along nicely. When we left their home, it was already dark, and we walked, looking around and admiring all the Christmas lights and window displays. The laptop repairs shop has the most splendid window show, a big scene with the pub, merry go round, ice skaters, skiing and Santa in his lodge. I loved the little carol singers.

Tuesday was the usual hectic day. I had a coffee with a friend in the morning. Later I did the reading session in Eddie's school. Tuesday was the most anticipated day of the last few weeks, as it was the beginning of advents. Eddie couldn't wait to start opening the doors on his advent calendars, both Star Wars-themed (though smack me if I knew what's the connection between Star Wars and Christmas). Here he is, opening the door of his Lego Star Wars advent calendar.

Wednesday :I have been dabbling in some photo challenges on Instagram recently, and Tuesday's #mystylephotochallenge was all about Hats and Gloves. How could I resist? I love hats, and have quite a collection. This M&S hat is one of my latest additions to the ever-growing stash of hats.

Thursday night was a big dinner at Federico's college. I sneakily took a few photos with my mobile. This is the dessert we had: a Christmas pudding parfait and a slice of walnut cake.

After several slightly disappointing Lego Star Wars advent doors Eddie finally got what he wanted - one of the minifigures.
We were lucky to see the reindeer today, and also sample some toasted marshmallows. The town looks very festive.


  1. Ha ha I don't think there's many advent calendars that actually link to the Christmas story!

    1. I know. We did get one with a Christmas story too, from Divine chocolate

  2. i love the shop window it looks really pretty, the only connection between lego and christmas is the fact it is an advent calendar

  3. Love you in that hat, and Eddie looks so cute with his chocolate lolly.

  4. The shop window looks great and I think it is nice when the shops go that bit extra. I could not imagine living in a different country to my grandchildren, was bad enough wg=hen they were 200 miles away.