Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Green Keratin Rosehip Oil

Winter could be harsh and unforgiving for our skin. What with the rough wind and the heating at home, the skin gets dry and chapped very quickly. You need more help to keep your skin supple and well-moisturised in winter. Rosehip oil has been known as a healing skin product for centuries. It's packed full with natural vitamins and nutrients, and can be used both internally (depending on the producer) and externally.
I have recently applied on AMZ Review Trader to test a Rosehip Oil from Green Keratin.
My Mum has always been into alternative medicine and beauty products, and as a child I used to drink rosehip tea often enough, especially in winter. My Mum also used to keep a small bottle of rosehip oil for skin issues.

Green Keratin Rosehip Oil is expressed from the seeds of the Rose, Rosa rubiginosa L. It is a cold pressed and unrefined product. It contains no chemicals and solvents. Moreover, rosehip oil contains provitamin A and is rich in essential fatty acids linoleic acid (omega-6) and linoleic acid (omega-3).
First impressions? The packaging is a colourful vintage style card box. Inside you find  a pretty glass bottle. The bottle comes with a pipette, which I personally prefer to pumps.
The smell is rather distinct, slightly medicinal. It makes me think of Brother Cadfael and his still room, where he mixed herbal potions and creams. I like the smell, but Eddie commented that I smell funny (Thank you, Eddie!).

I have used the rosehip oil for the last few evenings. It absorbs quite well, maybe not immediately, so don't apply it immediately before going to bed, or it might end up on your pillowcase.
The oil leaves the skin very smooth and well moisturised.
I haven't tried it in the morning, as I am not sure if it can be used as a primer before applying make-up. I also don't want any shine on my face when I go out.
This oil is supposed to be good for people prone to acne and eczema. Nobody in my family has acne issues (not yet, at least), but Eddie has a few eczema patches on his legs. His eczema is seasonal and is triggered by the combination of warmer clothes and the heating. I have applied the oil to the eczema patches, and we'll see if it makes any difference in the longer run. So far it has only moistursed the skin. But as it has the healing properties, I hope to see an improvement in my son's skin condition.

Disclosure: I received the product at a highly discounted price as a reviewer on Amazon. All opinions are mine.

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