Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sealy Zonal Support Pillow

Some people are very lucky. They can easily fall asleep while watching a video on their ipad.

... or nod off in the middle of a story (now perhaps the story was sleep-inducing)...

...or even manage to snooze while still standing...

These are lucky people who will sleep through a thunderstorm and an earthquake. And then there's me, who keeps tossing and turning, even on a quiet night when nobody wakes me up.
What does a perfect night's sleep mean to you? Is it a quiet night (no snoring partner or a baby who starts to sleep through the night for the first time)? A cool room and cozy warm bed socks (my Mum keeps her bedroom window open even when the temperature is below zero)? Fresh bedlinen with a lovely smell?
I love to be tucked in with a few little cushions around me, and even take a couple of very small ones with me when we travel. Pillows and duvets play an important part in our sleeping routine.
An uncomfortable pillow can really ruin the night. The hotel pillows are usually the bane of my life. I remember one night in Naples, when I tried to sleep and kept sliding off the ginormous pillows in fake silk pillowcases. I ended up sleeping without a pillow, with my head on a folded towel, as it was the only way I could sleep.
I also like my rather old pillow, which is quite low but still comfy.
Recently Sleepy Pillow got in touch with me, asking if I'd like to try their Pillow Selector Tool in order to find a perfect pillow for me. They know, that as a busy parent, I do value my sleep. This tool asks a few simple questions and helps you identify what sort of sleeper you are, and what's the best pillow for you.

Image credits: Sleepy People

The right choice of pillows plays an important part in providing the necessary support to our bodies.
Sleepy People say that "there's no point getting everything else right - from the firmness of your mattress to the warmth of your duvet - and then sleeping in such a way that you wake up with a stiff neck or sore back because your pillow is wrong".
Following the online Pillow Selector Tool, I discovered that there are several pillows which might help me get the best possible night's sleep.
To find out if I'd sleep better with the right pillow, I have chosen a Sealy Zonal Support Pillow.

I have chosen it as it offers extra firm support. I prefer firm pillows, and don't like soft pillows. It's curious how my preferences have changed. In my childhood I was used to humongous soft pillows. My grandma and aunt used to send us those homemade beasties which were square, big and fluffy. And I loved them.
But with years, I changed my habits, and my current pillow is firm and thin.

Sealy Zonal Support Pillow is a compact dense extra firm support pillow. It is specially designed with tubular foam insert at the base for a gentle neck support and is engineered to hold its shape perfectly.
Its cover is 100% cotton, while the filling is 100% polyester with 100% polyurethane foam.
It is meant to be great for side sleepers like me.

First impressions: it is solid and firm. One side is slightly higher.
I wasn't able to start using it immediately, as for some reason my younger son decided this was his new pillow, and I let him use it for a couple of nights. He pronounced it very comfy.

I have been using it for over a week now. To start with, this is a great pillow for reading in bed. As my old pillow is too flat, I had to prop it up with cushions to be able to read. The new support pillow does just that, it supports the neck. I found it slightly difficult to fall asleep on the first couple of nights, as I am used to a much lower and flatter pillow. Once I got adjusted to my new pillow, it does feel comfy and offers a good rest. It's also true that my neck and spine are not as stiff in the morning.

What kind of pillow do you prefer?

Disclosure: I received a support pillow for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine (and Eddie's, of course).

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