Friday, 13 November 2015

Big Ben at Night 3d puzzle

"Mummy, it's the coolest puzzle ever. It's like a disco!" (Eddie)

Long gone are the days when I was a student at KIAD in Canterbury and used to travel to Oxford via London at weekends to meet my then boyfriend. I often travelled late in the evening, and watching the night life was a fun part of my otherwise boring journey (those were the days before iphoes and ipads, and reading in the coach makes me queasy). Those days I often visited London to attend art events and visit galleries. One day, when Eddie's a bit older, I'll start taking him sightseeing to London. Until then, he can get a glimpse of London from our collection of 3d puzzles. Big Ben at Night 3d puzzle is the latest addition to our growing puzzle collection, and it might be the most glamorous yet.

This splendid puzzle has 216 high quality plastic puzzle pieces, which are easily slotted together. If you haven't had a chance of assembling a 3d puzzle from Ravensburger, each piece has a number on the back and a little arrow pointing to a spot where the next piece should go.

Eddie helps me with sorting the pieces. We usually put them on the table in tens, so that once we start to assemble, we don't have to fish for a missing piece in a big pile of puzzle pieces.
All pieces are individually shaped. Hinged pieces can be shaped into corners. These 3d puzzles are pretty sturdy and would not collapse if you play gently with them. We have quite a collection on the bookshelves, and can travel around the world in 3d puzzles (our set includes Taj Mahal, Collosseum, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower).

Big Ben is probably the most iconic London landmark, which is recognizable around the world.
Its elegant shape and fascinating history make it one the greatest attractions in the UK. I remember when I was at school, we learnt about places of interest in London and had to memorize its history by heart.
Ravensburger has already created a "day" version of Big Ben as a 3d puzzle (you can read my old review of Big Ben 3d puzzle).

Big Ben at Night 3d puzzle is a different version. The puzzle pieces are darker in colour, as they would appear in the evening. Moreover, this puzzle uses LED technology to create a stunning effect.
The LED block goes into a special slot in the base, which is covered with a printed board.
You will need 3 AAA batteries for the lights to work.
The tower changes its colour in a dramatic performance. Eddie compared it to our night lamp which also changes colours. He was mesmerised by it, and wanted to keep it on all night.

We love puzzles, and 3d puzzles are among our favourites. If there is a puzzle fan in your life, make them happy with a thoughtful gift for Christmas. This 3d puzzle looks very festive.

Disclosure: we received the puzzle for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are Eddie's and mine.

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