Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Infacol Challenge Game

Advent competitions are starting soon. Cannot wait, my fingers are already twitching in anticipation. I have been entering the advents for many years, and though I haven't won anything spectacular, I usually win a couple of prizes. But with the avalanche of advents, don't forget about the other festive competitions.

Today I wanted to alert you to a Facebook competition run by Infacol, a brand which many parents know well as it's a medication for the treatment of wind, infant colic and griping pain. Apologies for a gratuitous photo of newborn Eddie, but this little guy was a very colicky baby, and Infacol was one of the brands we used, trying to help him.

Have you already discovered the Infacol Challenge Game on Facebook (link removed as expired)?

Infacol is offering fans the chance to WIN some top baby
prizes in their brand new Facebook game!
In a brand new Facebook game, users are invited to take on the Infacol Challenge in
return for BIG prizes from Phil & Teds (worth over £500) and Venture Studies.
Based on a mobile friendly Facebook app, the Infacol Challenge asks users to
navigate there way through two exciting games. The first is the tricky dropper
challenge, which demands that users use the dropper to hit the target. The second
game is a frantic bubble buster where users must tap the bubbles in the baby’s
tummy before the timer is up. Only those who complete the challenge in the set time
of 80 seconds will have a chance of winning.

Terms & Conditions apply.
To enter, all users have to do is:
1. Find Infacol on Facebook (www.facebook.com/Infacol) and “Like” the page
2. Click on the ‘Infacol Challenge’ app
3. Users must then take on Infacol Challenge
4. If the user beats the clock and completes both games in under 80 seconds,
then they will be entered into an instant prize draw!
5. Entrants can play every day and earn extra goes too!
Key dates
Launch: 18th November 2015
End date: 11.59pm 31st December 2015

I have tried the game, but I'm totally rubbish at it. My ancient laptop and a vintage mouse don't do fast. Maybe I could try to have a go with my ipad. I don't have a baby anymore (sob), but one of my friends has recently had the cutest little boy, and I'd love to surprise them with a prize. So, I'll keep trying and keeping my fingers crossed. 
And good luck to you all too!

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