Monday, 30 November 2015

Limited Edition range of Midnight Blend Juice Drinks from J2O

What flavours and smells do you associate with Christmas? For me it would be the resinous smell of the Nordman Fir, spices and oranges. The combination of these three aromas always takes me back to my childhood days. An orange studded with cloves would be placed in the dining-room and slowly release its beautiful aroma. New Limited Edition range of Midnight Blend Juice Drinks from J2O made me think of those days with a bit of nostalgia.
There are two new blends - J2O Midnight Forest and J2O Midnight Amber. These juice drinks are festive and seasonal, both in flavour and design.
Think zesty and juicy fruit, warming spices, an indulgent hint of chocolate, mmm...

J2O Midnight Amber is a refreshing blend of orange and lemon juices with an added winter spice flavour.
You can find it exclusively in Marstons, Greene King and Fullers pubs. 
It is great that this drink is available in pubs, so that if you're a designated driver, you don't feel like you're missing on a festive drink anymore. Though I'd like to see it in supermarkets as well, as I'm not really a pub goer. 

J2O Midnight Forest is another juice blend of the season. This drink is a mix of real orange and cherry fruit juices with a hint of chocolate flavour. I love the combination of cherry and chocolate, it's always a winner, if you ask me.  The drink has a lovely dark colour.

This blend should be available in all major supermarkets. Stock up for your Christmas parties. It will be a big hit with all chocoholics. The chocolate flavour is not overpowering, but subtle.

Both bottles look stylish and festive. I was impressed with the new design. The bottles have been jazzed up with seasonal images. There are woodland scenes with a deer and birds as well as the ballet scenes, which is another trip down the memory lane. Every New Year's eve I used to watch the most beautiful animation of The Nutcracker, with its glorious music by Tchaikovsky. Even now, every time I hear The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy or Waltz of the Flowers, I feel like dancing along, just like I did, when I was in primary school.

I haven't tried these blends in cocktails, but J2O has emailed me a couple of inspiring cocktail recipes, which I reproduce here with their kind permission.
If you try these recipes, do let me know what you thought.

Midnight Martini. Image credits: J2O

For something slightly adventurous, why not try making a Midnight Martini for a devious take on a classic cocktail;

Midnight Martini ingredients:
·         ½ bottle of J2O Midnight Forest
·         50ml Red Vermouth (Martini Rossi)
·         1 orange zest crown
Midnight Martini recipe:
·         Fill a highball glass with ice cubes
·         Pour in ½ bottle of J2O Midnight Forest
·         Add a 50ml measure of Red Vermouth
·         Stir and garnish with an orange zest crown

Cherry Charm. Image credits: J2O

If you’re looking for something a little more indulging, the Cherry Charm cocktail is a naughty treat on a cold winter night;
Cherry Charm ingredients:
·         ½ bottle of J2O Midnight Forest
·         100ml hot water
·         3 spoons of hot chocolate powder
·         Double cream or pouring cream
·         Chocolate shavings
Cherry Charm recipe:
·         Mix the chocolate powder with hot water in a tall latte glass
·         Pour in ½ bottle of J2O Midnight Forest and warm in the microwave for 20-30 seconds
·         Serve with a layer of cream to fill the glass to the rim
·         Garnish with chocolate shavings

Disclosure: I received samples of Limited edition J2O drinks for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Love the bottles - they'd look great on a festive or New Year's table