Saturday, 7 November 2015

Photo diary: week 45, 365

My boys' smiles always melt my heart. Here is my imp Eddie, rocking his Batman PJs. I got an identical pair of PJs for both of my guys.

Monday started as a foggy morning. Whenever I see it's foggy, I grab my camera and go hunting for spider webs, as they are at their most beautiful, sparkling like precious gems. The locals must think I'm the weird woman of the neighbourhood, admiring the spider webs and clicking my camera, but the webs are amazing.

Another morning, another spider web, so festive, sparkling like a diamond necklace.

From dinosaurs they moved onto the topic of pirates at school. I know pirates are very trendy for children's birthday parties and TV shows, but they should also teach children that it wasn't all fun and harmless swashbuckling games. They shouldn't idealize and glamorize the barbarity, cruelty and greed. My husband says I'm exaggerating and that I shouldn't teach Eddie that pirates were killers and rapists.
Eddie was most upset that he missed the day at school, when they were invited to come to school dressed as pirates, because he stayed at home with the stomach bug.
What are your views on the pirate love?

The Bonfire night was dark, cold and wet, we didn't even bother with the actual bonfire. We did have some cauliflower cheese soup for dinner, a recipe which was developed by Rachel's Organic specially for the Bonfire Night.

I don't take part in SnapHappyBritMums every day, but yesterday's theme was reading, and I'm always reading. I have just finished For Fukui's Sake: Two Years in Rural Japan (on Kindle), and started The Chocolate Lovers' Christmas. I thought it could be a good contender for my #ReadCookEat challenge, but it is not exactly my genre, usually I avoid the chick lit. 

Listening to the oomph-boom-bah outside, we peeked several times in the garden and from the front door, trying to see the fireworks, but they are all too far. Instead here's a picture of the night light outside.


  1. I have to admit that I hate spiders but even I am impressed with all the glistening webs on display - you captured it perfectly

    1. I'm not a fan of spiders indoors, that's for sure.

  2. Those spiders web photos are great, they're really beautiful! :)

    1. Thank you Morgan, I find them absolutely fascinating

  3. The spider web photos are fantastic - you could sell the second one to a Christmas card manufacturer :)

    As for pirates, my home town of Hastings has a pirate day when everyone dresses up as a pirate - it started off as a Guinness world record attempt but seems to be a permanent fixture now. It's a lot of fun but has nothing to do with actual pirates. Dunkirk, on the other hand, has a local hero called Jean Bart - you may remember me blogging about his statue being revamped. A few years ago, I was asked to translate a local guide book and the word for Jean Bart's "job" was corsair - the dictionary suggests two translations, pirate or privateer. Personally speaking, I'd never used/heard the word privateer before but when I suggested using the word pirate, the woman was horrified ! Jean Bart is a local hero because he saved the town from starvation by capturing English/Dutch boats and taking their cargo to feed the population. I suppose it's kind of a Robin Hood thing ?!

  4. what fantastic photos of the spiderwebs you captured